AE Mieko

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AE Mieko
Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
Bachelor of Physical Education(Tokyo University of Education), Master of Education(University of Tsukuba Graduate school)
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Apr 1976
Mar 1983
Physical and sport science major, Physical and sport science cource, University of Tsukuba Graduate school
Apr 1972
Mar 1976
Physical education cource, Faculty of Physical Education, Tokyo University of Education


Coaches' corporal punishment behaviors at the school sport club three years after the corporal punishment prohibition notification in education, and the effect of corporal punishment prohibition education
AE Mieko
Bulletin of Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education and Tokyo Women's Junior College of P.E.   (54) 1--10   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Theoretical study of early sport talent identification and training:Germany,USA,Russia, and Japan sysytems
Bulletin of Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education and Tokyo Women's Junior College of P.E.   (53) 115-121   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
The purpose of this study was to investigate when children would start their sport trainings for the most effects by reviewing Germany, USA, Russia, and Japan sport talent identification theories.There is no rule of optimum child training theory i...
The influence of coaches' violence on youth female athletes from the viewpoint of social influence process
Ae Mieko
45(1) 89-103   Mar 2000   [Refereed]
Enhansing athletic ability - Intentions to choose physical punishment -
Stress Manegement Research   10(2) 15-20   Mar 2014   [Invited]
Report on psychological supports for a Japan national female team
Bulltin of Tokyo women's college of physical education and Tokyo women's junior college of physical   (47) 1-11   Mar 2012   [Refereed]

Books etc

Link with physical cultures -A bridge with female,physical education, and history researches
Sobun   Mar 2019   
Sport Mental Training Textbook 3rd Ed.
Japanese Society of Sport Psychology (Part:Joint Work)
Taishukan   Dec 2016   ISBN:978-4-469-26806-5
The world of Sport Psychology
Oct 2000   
The psychology of sports and exercise.
Apr 1998   ISBN:4-469-26388-5
Mental training manual
Dec 2002   

Conference Activities & Talks

Trends of female athletes in Japan:in view of social psychology
Mieko Ae
7th World Congress in Sport Psychology   Aug 1989   
A team culture in the college sport clubs
Mieko Ae
Asian-South Pasific association of Sport Psychology First Congress   Nov 1991   
Coaches' violence as punishment in girls sport practice
Mieko Ae
8th World Congress of Sport Psychology   Jun 1993   
A study on the life of female athletes after Olympic Games:A case study of the graduates of Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education
Kakemizu,Michiko, M.Ae, and T.Amagasaki
Fifth IOC Congress on Sports Sciences   Oct 1999   
Female elite atheletes' sport career
AE,Mieko, T.Amagasaki, and M.Kakemizu
3rd International Congress Asian-South Pasific Association of Sport Psychology   Oct 1999   


Women's sports expend and jump of the dance
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Practical teaching methods for junior athletes -part 3-
The Others   Mar 2003
No.VII Practical teaching methods for junior athletes -part 2-
The Others   Mar 2002
No.VIII Practical teaching methods for junior athletes -part 1-
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Psychological survey to Japan national field hockey players in 1998 Asian games.
The Others   Mar 2000