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Daito Bunka University Faculty of Literature Department of Calligraphy Professor
(Concurrent) 書道研究所 兼担研究員
(Concurrent) 人文科学研究所 専任研究員
中央財経大学 文化与伝播学院 客座教授
西泠印社 名誉社員
宜春学院 書法芸術学院 客座教授
公益財団法人 日展 会友
書学書道史学会 副理事長
中国文化学会 理事
千葉県漢詩連盟 顧問
Master of Language and Literature(University of Tsukuba)
Master of Fine Arts(University of Tsukuba)
Phd Sinology(Daito Bunka University)

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Overseas Exhibition
“Calligraphie Kunpei KAWACHI” at Hotel Metropole, Brussels, BELGIUM 2012
“Kunpei Arts Works” at Willamette University Art Gallery, Salem, OR, USA 2009
“Calligraphie Kunpei KAWACHI avec ses élèves” at Galerie Satellite, Paris, FRANCE 2008
“Brush and Ink Kunpei KAWACHI” at University of Puget Sound Kittredge Gallery, Tacoma, WA, USA 2008
“Calligraphie Kunpei KAWACHI” at Galerie Satellite, Paris, FRANCE 2005
“Japanese and Taiwanese Calligraphy and Painting” at Jinghua Art Center, Taizhong, TAIWAN 1993
“Japanese Calligraphy and Chinese Painting” at St. Johns University Chung-Cheng Art Gallery, NEW YORK 1992
“Japanese and Chinese Calligraphy and Painting” at Anhui Province Museum, CHINA 1991

Demonstration and Workshop in USA, 2006-07
University of Chicago, University of West Florida, Mission San Luis, Massachusetts College of Art, Cornell University, Boston University, Brandeis University, Harvard University Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Peabody Essex Museum at Salem, Cambridge Center for Adult Education

Special Inviting Professor of Calligraphy at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, CHINA 2009‐
Honorary Member at Xiling Yinshe, Hangzhou, CHINA 2004‐
Visiting Professor and Artist of Calligraphy at Willamette University, USA 2009
Chism Fund Visiting Artist at University of Puget Sound, USA 2008
Temporary Staff of Japanese Calligraphy at University of West Florida, USA 2007
Visiting Research Scholar of Art History Department at Boston University, USA 2006
Visiting Professor of Chinese Calligraphy at National Taiwan University of Arts, TAIWAN 2002

PhD, Sinology at Daito Bunka University, JAPAN 2005
MA, Literature and Language of Chinese at National University of Tsukuba, JAPAN 1988
MA, Fine Art of Calligraphy at National University of Tsukuba, JAPAN 1986
BA, Fine Art of Calligraphy at National University of Tsukuba, JAPAN 1984
Chinese Government Scholarship foreigner student at China Academy of Fine Arts 1981-83



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