KATO Takao

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KATO Takao
Tokai Gakuen University
School of Humanity studies, Department of Humanity Studies
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Research Areas



Mokichi Saito's view on the history of modern tanka
The Tokaigakuen Kokugo-kokubun   41    1992
Mokichi Saito as a Hurdle to overcome
The Kadan   3(12)    1989
'Hare'and'Ke'in tanka
The Mahiruno   44(11)    1989
On some aspects of Araragi realism
The Mahiruno   43(12)    1988
Shiki Masaoka and Manyoushu
The Chukyo Kokubungaku   4    1985
The emotional words in modern tanka
The chukyo Kokubugaku   6    1987
Traditionalism of the proletarian tanka poets
Bulletin of Tokaigakuen Women's college   25    1990
An essay on the tanka poetesses after Chouku
The Tokaigakuen Kokugo-kokubun   38    1990
A view an Kakio Tomizawa
The Chukyo Kokubungaku   10    1991
"Tanka's Oratorical Context in Today's World"
The Yagoto Bunka   4,41    1988
"The Struggle for Linguistic Power"
The Tanka Kenkyu   45(10) 34   1988
A Possibility of the Use of Humorous Words as One Means of Language Teaching
Bulletin of Nagoya Jiyugakuin Junior College   22,67    1990
The Possibility of Compiling a Post-War Tanka Anthology
The Tokaigakuen Kokugo-Kokubun   40,27    1991
Tanka and Their Respective Time Periods
The Mahiruno   48(3) 84   1993
Concerning the Aesthetic Consciousness
The Kadan   7(6) 110   1993
The Darkness of the Pre - media Age
The To   40(10) 10   1993
┣DBDust-blowing Town(/)-┫DB by Yoshimi Kondo -The Seene of a Ruined Town-
Kadan   9(6) 53   1995
On Naturalistic Propositions
Mahiruno   51(3) 28   1996
An argument on the Second Art and the Tanka journal ┣DBYakumo(/)-┫DB
Noventa   (7) 22   1996
Nostalgia for Rhetoric
Kadan   11(7)    1998
Melancholic Poet, Hiroshi Yosano
The Tokaigakuen Kokugo-kokubun   (53)    1999
An Elegant light : As to 'a Cultural Inheritance'
MAHIRUNO      1998
An Observation of Utubo Kubota : The Breathing Rhythm of the Soul.
KADAN   13.6    1999
Reading of 'Bundan Shohmakyo'
'TANKA OHRA'      2001
The conversion from Waka Poetry to Tanka Poetry : Calendar Revision in the 5th Year of the Meiji Period.
Japanese Literature : Interpretation on and Study of Teaching Materials.   47(7)    2002
The Thought of the Beauties of Nature
NOVENTA.90   (10)    2002

Books etc

On the problems of making tankas in the Negishi Tanka Circle
Festschrift of Kokugo-Kokubun on the seventieth birthday of Professor Shigeo Goto   1991   
The Metamorphosis of the Aesthetic Consciousness
Gan Syokan   1993   
Tankas by Hiroshi Shino(Tanka Makers of the Modern Times, Vol. 8)
Can Shokan   1996   
Yukio Mishima and Shizuo Itoh: A Contrast of Light and Shadow
A Collection of Essays in Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Founding of Japanese Literature Course at Tokaigakuen Women's College: Language Literature, Culture.   1998   

Research Grants & Projects

Contemporary / Modern Tanka Research
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