KUDOU Tetsuo

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KUDOU Tetsuo
Kyoto Women's University
Faculty of Arts, Department of Japanese Language and Literature
Job title
Master of Literature(Kyoto University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



Faculty of Literature, Kyoto University
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Kyoto University


A Theory of Popular Novels as an Avocation - An Essay on Masao Kume-
The Japanese Language and Japanese Literature   47(12) 34-57   1978
An Essay on Kan Kikuchi -On the Relation between Kan Kikuchi and Popular Novels-
Japanese Literature of the Women's University   95,1-24    1984
Concerning the 'Blockhead' - An Essay on Kenji-
Japanese Literature of the Women's University   98,12-29    1985
Two Images of Heroes - The Blockhead and Budori-
Japanese Literature of the Women's University   100,97-120    1986
The Becoming an Issue, of the General Readers
Japanese Literature of the Women's University   102,1-12    1987
The Arguments about Popular Novels in the 14th Year of Taisho
Japanese Literature of the Women's University   103,28-37    1988
On Kenji Miyazawa's Entrance into the Second Part of the Agriculture Course-Doubts about Tadaichi Sakai's Theory-
Joy from Kenji Miyazawa's Literature   3,72-76    1988
Kenji and Vimalak(]J0684[)rti Nirde(]E85FA[)a S(]E87CD[)tra
Journal of The Institute of Religion and Culture   3,21-61    1990
The Chastiser at the Village Children's Request -An Essay on " The Restaurant of a Large Order"-
Kenji Miyazawa   10,58-69    1990
"Cold, Heat, Wind and Rain" -The Source of "Not Succumbing to Rain"-
Journal of The Institute of Religion and Culture   4,35-58    1991
〔book review〕Takahiro Hirao, "Kenji Miyazawa"
Japanese Literature -Interpretation and Appreciation   56(6) 114   1991
KUDO Tetsuo
Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Culture   (4) 35-58   Mar 1991
An Essay on Kenji Miyazawa's "The Leader of the Group of Kairo" -From a viewpoint of the way of embracing and refusing-
Journal of The Institute of Religion and Culture   5,51-78    1992
KUDO Tetsuo
Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Culture   (5) 51-78   Mar 1992
A Study on "the Bird Catcher"
Passing Over the Snowfield-Journal of the Society, (in Hirosaki), for the Study of kenj Miyazawa   8,110-116    1993
Afterlife and Merit-transference to the Dead -An Essay on Kenji Miyazawa's "Hikari no Suashi"-
Journal of The Institute of Religion and Culture   8,1-54    1995
"Yellow Tomatoes"-the World of 'the Only Two'-
Japanese Literature-Interpretation and Appreciation   61(11) 79-83   1996
Toshi's Last Moments and Nichiren's Posthumous Writings, Guard Sutra
Description   24,73-87    1997
About“In Praise of Great Teacher Kajo"--A Note on Kenji Miyazawa's writing--
Japanese Literature of the Women's University   125,108-128    1999
Namosadarumapufundarikasasutora -A Note on Kenji Miyazawa's writing-
Japanese Literature of the Women's University   128,64-85    2000
Kenji Miyazawa and Buddhism-Our Master, Teacher and Parent-
Japanese Literature-Interpretation and Appreciation   65(2) 27-34   2000
Trying to Attain Buddhahood is Buddhahood Itself, etc.
Studies of kenji Miyazawa, Annual   12, 146-162    2002

Books etc

A Study on Kenji
Izumishoin   1995   


(jointly worked)Modern Japanese Literature in Magazines (Soubunshashuppan)

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Kenji Miyazawa