HAMANA Atsushi

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HAMANA Atsushi
Kansai University of International Studies
(BLANK)(Sophia University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Letters, Sophia University
Sociology, Literature, Sophia University


A Future Course of Japanese Junior Colleges entering upon the decrease of younge population
157-158,34-39,6-11    1991
Orientation for Higher level of Educational Attainment and Japanese Lady's Junior Colleges
IDE Current Higher Education   334,34-39    1992
A Change of Japanese Lady's Junior Colleges driven by Necessity
IDE Current Higher Education   288,33-39    1987
A Present Condition and a Future Course of the Student Recruitment of Private College
IDE Current Higher Education   296,38-45    1988
The Management Strategy of Junior Colleges entering upon the decrease of young population
National Research Institute for Education   173-192 

Books etc

Social Selection and Educational Attainment
Kyodo Press   1993   
A Historical Sociology of "Shizoku"-The Modern of "Samurai"-
Nagoya University Press   1995   
Educational Communication and Higher Education
A Change toward the"Open-door"Short term Higher Education〜Activations by Articulations and Cooperations of Junior College Education〜
A Change toward the"Open-door"Short term Higher Education   1995   
Domestic Servants in Modern Japan

Research Grants & Projects

Historical study on Educational Opportunity and Social Stratification in Modern Japan
Study of function of Higher Education in Universal Stage
Historical Study of Making Process of Middle Class in Japan
Development of First Yeara Experience Program in Japan
Project Year: 2002 - 2003