TAKENO Tadahiro

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TAKENO Tadahiro
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Engineering Socio-Engineering
Job title
Associate Professor
Master of Economics(Waseda University)
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 1989
Mar 1992
Lecturer, Tokyo Metropolitan Technical Collage
Jun 1990
Mar 1997
Researcher, Japan Institute of Labor
Oct 1993
Associate Professor, Nagoya Institute of Technology


Oct 2002
Sep 2008
International Studies, Graduate School of International Political Economy, Waseda University
Apr 1982
Mar 1985
Graduate School, Division of Economics, Waseda University

Published Papers

A Business Strategy by Auto-parts and Related Manufacturing Firms of Japan and Europe under the Post-Gasoline Engine Automotive Trend
   Mar 2012
竹野 忠弘
国際経済学会 春季全国大会予稿集   (3)    Jun 2013
Internal Trade in the Asian Region ; A Statistical Study for the Trade Data
Bulletin of Nagoya Institute of Technology   51(4) 123-142   Mar 2000
Regional Management, Human Resource Development, and Technology Transfer : a case of the Matsushita Electric Industry Ltd.
Bulletin of Nagoya Institute of Technology   50(4) 107-121   Mar 1999
Possibility of the AICO Scheme and MNC's Strategy-Industrialization, Concerted policy, Human Resource Development, and Strategy
68(4) 254-260   Sep 1998
Labour Maret Movement in Singapore
464(4) 15-19   Jul 1997
Structural Changes in Japan and Human Resources Development
Bulletin of Nagoya Institute of Technology   47(241) 147-160   Mar 1996
A Case Study about the Human Resources Development Strategies by Some Japanese Companies in Malaysia
Bulletin of Nagoya Institute of Technology   48(4) 105-120   Mar 1997
Human Resource Development Policy in Malaysia
Journal of International Development Studies.   5(237) 63-80   Dec 1996
A Estimation of Computer Integrated Manufacturing in Japan in Information-intensive Society
The keizai hyoron   42(4) 48-67   Apr 1993
A study of Foreign Workers Regulation Policies ; cases in Malaysia and Singapore(1)
World Economic Review   37(4) 56-61   Apr 1993
A study of Foreign Workers Regulation Policies ; cases in Malaysia and Singapore(2)
World Economic Review   37(5) 40-49   May 1993
Trend in theories of Economic Development ; Reconsideration of the 'North and South Problems'
Reports of Tokyo Metropolitan Technical College.   27(180) 85-94   Feb 1992
Internationalization of Capital and Labour, and Multinational Corporation's Strategies ; A case study about the Plans of International Division of Labour in Auto-parts Level.
Reports of Tokyo Metropolitan Technical College   28(4) 105-118   Mar 1993
International Devision of Labour about Motor Industry in South-east Asia(1)
World Economic Review   33(5) 61-67   May 1989
International Devision of Labour about Motor Industry in South-east Asia(2)
World Economic Review   33(6) 60-65   Jun 1989
Review of Labour Situations Around the World in 1991 ; Malaysia
International Labour Information   16(4)(186) 6-9   Apr 1992
Review of Labour Situations Around the World in 1993 : Malaysia - Economic Growth and Labour-shortage
INTERNATIONAL LABOR INFORMATION   18(4)(214) 6-11   Apr 1994
Vocational Qualification, Training and Education System in United Kingdom.
INTERNATIONAL LABOR INFORMATION   19(7)(211) 55-62   Apr 1994
General National Vocational Qualification and the Current Situations of Industrial Relations in the U. K.
INTERNATIONAL LABOR INFORMATION   19(7)(230) 82-92   Apr 1995
Debates on Human Resources Development Policy in U. K.
Bulletin of Nagoya Institute of Technology   46(236) 111-122   Apr 1995

Conference Activities & Talks

「製造起点の経営戦略:中部自動車部品企業の事例より」 [Invited]
竹野 忠弘
日本商業学会・中部部会研究会   Jan 2009   日本商業学会
Improvement-led Innovation Strategy of Japanese Machine Tool Firm
竹野 忠弘
国際経営学学会連合世界大会   5 Sep 2014   Meiji University
Internalization and after the cost reduction in Machine-Tool maker
I discuss about cost innovation on the machine-tool industry by the ‘internalization’ of business process in the field of after-sales-service and core parts machining.
Based on th...
竹野 忠弘
日本経営学会中部部会   3 Dec 2016   日本経営学会
Capability of Small & Medium Sized Enterprise for Conviviality of Autonomy
JAHSS/JASID Joint International Conference 2019   16 Nov 2019   JAHSS/JASID
竹野忠弘 単独
加工企業戦略研究会   28 Mar 2012   名古屋工業大学産学官連携センタ・同研究協力会共催
日本政策金融公庫熱田支店招待講演   23 Oct 2012   日本政策金融公庫熱田支店
第1回自動車部品産業研究会   9 Jan 2009   名古屋工業大学工業協力会助成研究会


International Migration in South-east Asia;in Malaysia and Singapore
The Others   Apr 1991
Planning the Report about `Trade and Industry Policy by Local Government',Kanagawa Institute for Local Autonomy
The Others   Apr 1993
Survey of Vocational Skills Training and Educational Policy in U.K..
The Others   Apr 1993
A InternationalComparative Study about Human Resources Development under the the advancing of Industrial Technology:Japan,U.K. and Malaysia.
The Others   Apr 1996
Asian Economies Restoraation and the Japanese Companies Strategies("Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(Japan Societyfor the Promotion of Science)"
The Others   Apr 2000

Research Grants & Projects

A study of cost innovation strategy of Small & Medium sized Enterprise
Scientific Technology Development Program for Small and Medium Enterprise
Project Year: Apr 2012 - Today
Based on the research of cost-reduction, productivity-improvement and robot automation in local companies,I study about the rethoric of strategic management of innovation in product and manufacturing. And l want propose the strategy for sustaining...
`A Perspective in Business of Local Small and Medium sized Enterprise in Automotive Car Parts Supplier under the future Next Traffic System '.
Large-Scale Regional Projects for Small-Sized Corporations
Project Year: Apr 2009 - Mar 2012
Hyper Feuel Efficiency Light Automotive Manufacturing and Car-parts Company
Economic Development and Human Resources Development:Skills Formation
Project Year: Apr 2001 - Mar 2003