ADACHI Nobuyasu

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ADACHI Nobuyasu
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Engineering Tsukuri College
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Published Papers

Correlation between a dielectric anomaly and a phase transition of sintered phosphorus doped WO3 ceramics
Atsushi Nose, Hidetoshi Miyazaki, Yukikuni Akishige, Shinya Tukada, Hisao Suzuki, Nobuyasu Adachi, Toshitaka Ota
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan   122(1) 25-28   Jan 1014   [Refereed]
Far infrared electron spin resonance of Cd1-xMnxSe and Cd1-xCoSe
Adachi, N.; Kido, G.; Nakagawa, Y.; Oka, Y.; Anderson, J. R.
Physica B   90 & 91(No. 2) 778-789   Apr 1990   [Refereed]
Far infrared electron spin resonance of Cd1-xCoSe in high magnetic field
Adachi, N.; Kido, G.; Nakagawa, Y.; Onishi, T.; Oka, Y.; Anderson, J. R.; Gorska, M.; Giriat, W.
Physica B   177(No. 2) 453-456   Apr 1992   [Refereed]
Far-Infared Electron Spin Resonance of Cd1-xCoxM(M=Te and Se) in High Magnetic Field
Hamamoto, Terufumi; Adachi, Nobuyasu; Mogi, Iwao.
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   32(Suppl.32-3) 386-388   Apr 1993   [Refereed]
An optical study of Cd0.989Co0.011Se in high magnetic fields
Inoue, M.; Adachi, N.; Mogi, I.; Kido, G.; Nakagawa, Y.; Oka, Y.
Physica B   184(Suppl.32-3) 441-444   Apr 1993   [Refereed]


Synthesis and Characterrization of the MO Indictor for the High Frequency Magnetic Field Probe
Annual Report of the Ceramics Research Laboratory   7 55-59   Mar 2008
Temperature Dependence of Lattice Mismatch and Magnetic Domain Structure of Rear earth substituted Iron Garnet Films Synthesized by Liquid Phase Epitaxy Technique
5 52-56   Jun 2017   [Refereed][Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Magnetic and Magneto-Optical properties of Bismuth Iron Garnet prepared by MOD method
N.Adachi, K. Isarai, T. Ota, K. Ishiyama, H. Ohta, K.Arai
International Conference on Magnetism   29 Jul 2009   
Preparation of flexible ceramics by mimicking itacolumite
J. P. Cochard, N. Adachi, T. Ota, M. huger, T. Chotard and C. Gault
日本セラミックス協会第22回秋季シンポジウム   1 Sep 2009   
Thermal expansion of refractory related materials around room temperature
H. Miyazaki, N. Adachi and T. Ota
Unified International Technical Conference on Refractorie   1 Oct 2009   
Aluminium titanate as model material to promote thermal shock resistance of refractory materials
C. Babelot, A. Guignard, P. Michaud, N. Tessier-Doyen, C. Gault, M. Huger, T. Chotard, N. Adachi, T. Ota and I. Sato
Unified International Technical Conference on Refractories   1 Oct 2009   
Preparation of alumina paper ceramics by paper-casting process
S. Yagi, M. Michimura, N. Adachi and T. Ota
The MRS-J Academic Symposium   1 Dec 2009   

Association Memberships



EPR and of AFMR of Ba2Cu3040lL2 at far infrared region
The Others   Apr 1993
Far infrared electron spin resonance of spin-peierls system CuGe_3
The Others   Apr 1993

Research Grants & Projects

Study of Magnetooptical Thin Film for Magnetooptical Imaging Sensor
The Other Research Programs
Project Year: Apr 1995 - Today
Application of magnetooptical effect for high frequency electromagnetic sensor
Research and Development Trust to Affect High Communication/Broadcast Research and Development
Project Year: Jul 2005 - Today
Synthesis of porous ferrite for electromagnetic shielding
Project Year: Apr 2006 - Today
Application of rare earth thin film magnet for microactuator
Project Year: Apr 1995 - Mar 2009