KURACHI Yoshihisa

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KURACHI Yoshihisa
Osaka University
Doctor of Medicine

Research Areas



Voltage-dependent activation of the inward-rectifier potassium channel in the ventricular cell membrane of guinea-pig heart
Journal of Physiology   366,365    1985
On the mechanism of activation of muscarinic K+ Channels by adenosine in isolated atrial cells involvement of GTP-binding proteins.
Pfl(]J1168[)gers Archiv   407,264    1986
Short-term desensitization of muscarinic K+channel current in isolated atrial myocytes and possible role of GTP-binding proteins
Pfl(]J1168[)gers Archiv   410,227    1987
Anti-cholinergic effects of quinidine, disopyramide and procainamide in isolated atrial myoc(]J1114[)ytes : Mediation different molecular mechanisms
Circulation Research   64,297    1989

Books etc

G protein regulation of cardiac K+ channels.
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Molecular and functional heterogeneity of inward rectifier potassium channels in the brain and hear.
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G protein-gated K+ channels.
Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology   2000   

Research Grants & Projects

G protein regulation of potassium channels
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