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Kyushu University
Faculty of Human-Environment Studies, Department of Education
Master of Education, (BLANK)

Research Interests


Research Areas



The History and Contemporary Basis of Reciprocity of Teacher Certificates among the States in the U. S. A.
Bulletin of Japan Comparative Education Society   14,76-87    1988
A Study on Improvement of Teacher Education Concerning Student Guidance-Based on a Research of Consiousness in University Faculties.
The Japan Educational Administration Society   15,269-289    1989
The Legal Issues and Estabishment on Teacher Competency Examination Policy in the U. S. A.
The Japan Educational Administration Society   12    1986
Minimum Competency Test Policy in the U. S. A. : -Focusing on its Background and Legal Issues
Annual Report of the Kanto Educational Research Society   12,38-50    1985
The Characteristics and Establishment on Teacher Certification Structure in the USA
The Japanese Association for the Study of Educational Administration   29,97-113    1987

Books etc

Teacher Hiring and Improvement Policy in the U. S. A.
Gyousei Com.   1992   
Challenges of America Aiming at Lifelong Learning
Institute for Educational Development Com.   1993   
Educational Deta Statistics-'93-'94 year, '94-´95year, '95-'96year, '96-'97year, '97-'98year,'98-'99,'99-'2000
Current Communication Com. (Jiji Tsuushinsha)   1993   
Portnership in School and Society -Challenges of America
Institute for Educational Developement Com.   1995   
Partnership in School and University
Tamagawa Univ. Publication   1994   

Research Grants & Projects

Teacher, School Counsellor Certification System in the U. S. A.
Leadership in School Leaders and School Improvement
A Study of School Teachers' Competency