MORI Yasushi

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MORI Yasushi
Okayama University
The Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science

Research Interests


Academic & Professional Experience

Jan 2012
Mar 2016
Associate Professor, Okayama University The Graduate School of Environmental Science
Apr 2016
Professor, Grad School of Environ. & Life Science,, Okayama Univ.


Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Published Papers

Yasushi Mori, Masaya Sasaki, Eisei Morioka, Kumiko Tsujimoto
Paddy and Water Environment   17 323-330   Jul 2019
© 2019, The International Society of Paddy and Water Environment Engineering. Rice terraces located on sloped hills in mountainous areas are sometimes abandoned because of lack of labor and difficulties associated with cultivation. Recently, rice ...
Jun'ichiro Ide, Ikuo Takeda, Hiroaki Somura, Yasushi Mori, Yuji Sakuno, Yasumichi Yone, Erina Takahashi
Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences      Jan 2019
©2019. American Geophysical Union. All Rights Reserved. Increased frequency of heavy rainfall caused by climate change may affect nutrient transport from forests and agricultural lands into downstream rivers. However, little information is availab...
TADA Masakazu, ITO Kunio, SAITO Minoru, MORI Yasushi, FUKUMASU Jumpei, NAKATA Kazuyoshi
Transactions of The Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Rural Engineering   87(2) I_179-I_187   2019
<p>We conducted field surveys to clarify distribution of the wintering Nagoya Daruma Pond Frog (Pelophylax porosus brevipodus) and the environmental factors affecting wintering site of this species in a rice paddy field and an adjacent fall...
辻本 久美子, 太田 哲, 森 也寸志
水工学論文集 Annual journal of Hydraulic Engineering, JSCE   62 Ⅰ_979-984   2018
森 也寸志
アグリバイオ = Agricultural biotechnology   1(5) 599-601   May 2017
勝田 洋平, 木村 叡人, 市田 知子, 森 也寸志, 登尾 浩助
土壌の物理性 = Journal of the Japanese Society of Soil Physics   (133) 29-36   Jul 2016
J. Ide, H. Somura, T. Nakamura, Y. Mori, I. Takeda, K. Nishida
River Research and Applications   31 639-649   Jan 2015
© 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. This study aimed to examine how the relationship between δ15N of nitrate (δ15N<inf>NO3</inf>) in rivers and land use within a river basin changes with varying hydrological conditions. This inf...
Hiroaki Somura, Tsugiyuki Masunaga, Yasushi Mori, Ikuo Takeda, Jun'ichiro Ide, Hirokazu Sato
Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment   199 1-9   Jan 2015
© 2014 Elsevier B.V. Thousands of Tundra Swans visit winter-flooded paddy fields in the study area, Yasugi city, Shimane Prefecture, Japan every year for overwintering from November to March. Since 2004, they have roosted in the paddy fields durin...
森 也寸志, 宗村 広昭, ウォルフ ジューン
水土の知 : 農業農村工学会誌   83(1) 7-10   Jan 2015
Yasushi Mori, Atsushi Fujihara, Kazuto Yamagishi
Progress in Earth and Planetary Science   1    Dec 2014
© 2014, Mori et al.; licensee Springer. Of all terrestrial media (including vegetation and the atmosphere), soil is the largest store of carbon. Soils also have important functions such as water storage and plant support roles. However, at present...
Yasushi Mori, Yuuya Hirai
Journal of Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste   18    Jan 2014
Solute transport is an important factor governing soil environmental processes, such as effective fertilizer application or dispersion areas of remediation chemicals for contaminated soils. Macropores are ubiquitous in soils. In unsaturated condit...
宮本 珠未, 川原 まどか, 森 也寸志, 宗村 広昭, 井手 淳一郎, 高橋 絵里奈, 米 康充, 末継 淳
土壌の物理性 = Journal of the Japanese Society of Soil Physics   (124) 17-24   Jul 2013
Yasushi Mori, Atsushi Suetsugu, Yuko Matsumoto, Atsushi Fujihara, Kosuke Suyama
Ecological Engineering   51 237-243   Feb 2013
Soil structure is heterogeneous with cracks or macropores allowing bypass flow, which may lead to applied chemicals avoiding interaction with soil particles or the contaminated area. We investigated the bioremediation efficiency of oil-contaminate...
H. Somura, I. Takeda, J. G. Arnold, Y. Mori, J. Jeong, N. Kannan, D. Hoffman
Journal of Hydrology   450-451 25-35   Jul 2012
Lake Shinji lies in eastern Shimane Prefecture, and is typical of brackish lakes in Japan. Water quality of the lake does not meet the expected environmental standards for total nitrogen (TN) and total phosphorus (TP), even though the national and...
Takahashi Erina, Yone Yasumichi, Mori Yasushi, Somura Hiroaki, Ide Jun'ichiro, Sato Toshio, Takeuchi Michiyuki
Applied Forest Science   21(2) 9-16   2012
To establish management criteria for watershed forests, basic studies on sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) plantation forests were performed at Okinoshima, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Fourteen forests were surveyed. In nine forests, which had not been th...
Tailor-made restoration technique for degraded soils -controlling infiltration process in soils-
MORI Yasushi
Chemical Engineering of Japan   75(12) 792-794   Dec 2011   [Invited]
Ide J, Chiwa M, Higashi N, Maruno R, Mori Y, Otsuki K
Environmental monitoring and assessment      Sep 2011   [Refereed]
Takeda Ikuo, Somura Hiroaki, Mori Yasushi
Ecological Engineering   36(8) 1064-1069   Aug 2010   [Refereed]
H. Somura, I. Takeda, Y. Mori
International Agricultural Engineering Journal   18 27-39   Dec 2009
The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) was applied to the Abashiri River basin from 2001 to 2007 using a daily time step. After confirming the reproducibility of the model, hydrological sensitivity analyses against monthly river discharge, evap...
Yasushi Mori, Naoko Higashi
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects   347 121-127   Sep 2009
Soils are notorious for their heterogeneity, and macropores conduct solutions by bypassing the surrounding soils, sometimes wasting the applied fertilizer or remediation chemicals. It would be beneficial in agriculture or environmental engineering...
Hiroaki Somura, J. Arnold, D. Hoffman, I. Takeda, Y. Mori, M. Di Luzio
Hydrological Processes   23 1887-1900   Jun 2009
The impacts of climate change on water resources were analysed for the Hii River basin and downstream Lake Shinji. The variation between saline and fresh water within these systems means that they encompass diverse ecosystems. Changes in evapotran...
Hiroaki Somura, Ikuo Takeda, Yasushi Mori
Agricultural Water Management   96 1052-1058   Jun 2009
Drainage water quality in rice paddies was strongly influenced by the puddling of soil in the paddy fields by tractors and in response to opening of drainage gates. The concentrations of contaminants in drainage water increased rapidly when the pu...
Hiroaki Somura, Ikuo Takeda, Yasushi Mori
World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008: Ahupua'a - Proceedings of the World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008   316    Dec 2008
We paid attention to relationship between farming activities and changes in drainage water quality from a paddy fields area, especially in land preparation period for transplanting of paddy. Drainage water quality during land preparation period be...
宇宙利用シンポジウム   24th 370-371   Mar 2008
森澤太平, 森也寸志, 江草直和, 宗村広昭, 井上光弘
応用水文   (20) 11-20.-20   Dec 2007
Ahmed Al-Busaidi, Tahei Yamamoto, Mitsuhiro Inoue, Muhammad Irshad, Yasushi Mori, Satoshi Tanaka
Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment   5 270-279   Jan 2007
Water uptake by plants and evaporation from the soil surface usually govern the salts dynamics in the soil and is highly related to the climatic conditions. Poor management of saline water may increase the soil salinity to a level higher than crop...
Y. Mori, J. W. Hopmans, A. P. Mortensen, G. J. Kluitenberg
Vadose Zone Journal   2 561-571   Jan 2003
Water, solute, and heat transport processes in soils are mutually interdependent as each includes convective water flow and each transport mechanism is partly controlled by fluid saturation, pore geometry, temperature, and other soil environmental...
Transactions of the Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering   (187) 49-57   1997
Transctions of the Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering   (171) 13-20   1994
Differences in Soil Structure with Land-use, Observations Using Soft X-Ray
Soil Physical Conditions and Plant Growth, Japan   (66) 19-27   1992


Soft X-ray visualization and analysis on hydraulic and geometrical properties of soil macropore
Ph. D. Thesis, Kyoto UniVersity      1999
Soil Science Society of America, Journal   63(4) 733-740   1999
Characterizing drainage process of structured soils using soft x-ray radiography
Journal of the Japanese Society of Soil Physics   83 59-65   2000
An estimation of runoff loads of pollutants from River Hii to Lake Shinji
LAGUNA   3 91-96   1996
Reduction of nitrogen outflows from upland fields using resin-coated fertilizer-Studies on pollution loads from sloped lysimeters((]G0001[))-
Transactions of the Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclawation Engineering   198 13-21   1998
Surface runoff of phosphorus and COD contents from uplaud field-Studies on pollution loads from sloped lysimeters((]G0002[))-
Transactions of the Japanese Society of Irrigation, Drainage and Reclamation Engineering   198 23-29   1998

Books etc

A BANAUE STORY Restoring a World Heritage Treasure
Mori,Y. and K.Tsujimoto (Part:Joint Work, "First Step in Conservation and Restoration")
Universal Harvester   Apr 2018   

Research Grants & Projects

Soft Xray radiography and avalysis on water movement in structured soils.
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Monitoring the water and solute transport in undisturbed soils using electromagnetic waves.
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Unsaturated hydraulic conductinty measurement by outflow experiments
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research