HIRAYAMA Yoshinori

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HIRAYAMA Yoshinori
(BLANK)(Kyushu University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

The University of Kitakyushu Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering


A Historical View of the Two-Stroke Diesel Engine for Marine Use
Journal of the Marine Engineering Society in Japan   27(3) 266   1992
Planning Method of Optimizing Two-Stroke Cycle Low-Speed Marine Diesel Engines
Proc. of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers   ICE-17    1992
Preventive Engineering System
Shipbuilding Technology   6,55    1992
Synergistic Cooperation in Technical Development
Journal of the Marine Engineering Society in Japan   26(8) 2   1991
Development of Electronically Controlled Two Stroke Diesel Engine
19th International Congress on Combustion Engines   D(31)    1991


Research on Cycle Analysis of Medium-Speed Four-Stroke Cycle Diesel Engine
1992 - 1993
Research on Optimum Design of Diesel Engine
1988 - 1992
Research on Electronical Controlled Diesel Engine
1986 - 1991
Research on Scavenging System and Lubrication of Long-Stroke Diesel Engine
1981 - 1985
Research on Super-Charging System of Two-Stroke Cycle Diesel Engine
1971 - 1980

Research Grants & Projects

Research on Supercharging of High Power Four-Stroke Cycle Diesel Engine
Research on Performance Development of Large-Sized Two-Stroke Cycle Diesel Engine
Active Control of Heart Release Process in I. C. E.