HASEBE Futoshi

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HASEBE Futoshi
Nagasaki University
Institute of Tropical Medicine Research Center for Infectious Disease Research in Asia and Africa
Job title
Assistant Professor

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

- Assistant Professor, Institute of Tropical
Research Associate, Institute of Tropical
Medicine, Nagasaki University
Medicine, Nagasaki University


Sep 2002
Sep 2002
Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine), School of Medicine, Nagasaki University
Veterinary Medicine, Graduate School, Division of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University
Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Azabu University

Published Papers

Koizumi N, Miura K, Sanai Y, Takemura T, Ung TTH, Le TT, Hirayama K, Hasebe F, Nguyen HLK, Hoang PVM, Nguyen CN, Khong TM, Le MTQ, Hoang HTT, Ohnishi M
Acta tropica   194 204-208   Jun 2019   [Refereed]
Hoa-Tran TN, Nakagomi T, Vu HM, Kataoka C, Nguyen TTT, Dao ATH, Nguyen AT, Takemura T, Hasebe F, Dang AD, Nakagomi O
Infection, genetics and evolution : journal of molecular epidemiology and evolutionary genetics in infectious diseases   73 1-6   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Nguyen TTT, Tajima S, Ikeda M, Nguyen TT, Le TTH, Pham HTT, Pham DQ, Le MTQ, Maeki T, Taniguchi S, Kato F, Moi ML, Morita K, Lim CK, Saijo M, Hasebe F
Japanese journal of infectious diseases   72(2) 115-117   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
Arai Y, Kawashita N, Hotta K, Hoang PVM, Nguyen HLK, Nguyen TC, Vuong CD, Le TT, Le MTQ, Soda K, Ibrahim MS, Daidoji T, Takagi T, Shioda T, Nakaya T, Ito T, Hasebe F, Watanabe Y
Scientific reports   8(1) 13066   Aug 2018   [Refereed]
Bui TT, Moi ML, Nabeshima T, Takemura T, Nguyen TT, Nguyen LN, Pham HTT, Nguyen TTT, Manh DH, Dumre SP, Mizukami S, Hirayama K, Tajima S, Le MTQ, Aoyagi K, Hasebe F, Morita K
The Journal of general virology   99(8) 1044-1057   Aug 2018   [Refereed]


Distribution of three arbovirus antibodies among monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) in the Philippines.
S. Inoue, K. Morita, R. R. Matias, J. V. Tuplano, R. R. G. Resuello, J. R. Candelario, D. J. M. Cruz, C.A. Mapua, F. Hasebe, A. Igarashi, F. F. Natividad
J Med Primatol   32 89-94   2003   [Refereed]
The clinical, serological, and virological aspects of dengue fever/dengue hemorrhagic fever in a private tertiary care hospital in Manila, Philippines.
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St. Luke’s Journal of Medicine   01 9-12   2003
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J Med Virol   71 259-264   2003   [Refereed]
H. Masaki, F. Hasebe, K. Ahmed, T. Fukuda, A. Furumoto, K. Watanabe, K. Oishi, A. Igarashi and T. Nagatake
J Infect Chemother   8(4) 365-367   Dec 2002   [Refereed]
M.C. Parquet, A. Kumatori, F. Hasebe, E.G.M. Mathenge, and K. Morita
Aech Virol   147 1105-1119   2002   [Refereed]

Books etc

1. 標準微生物学13版34章「フラビウイルス科」19‐25
HASEBE Futoshi (Part:Contributor, Family Flaviviridae)
HASEBE Futoshi (Part:Contributor, Dengue fever)
Feb 2015   

Conference Activities & Talks

Research on infectious diseases in Vietnam and development of application in diagnosis, prevention and treatment [Invited]
HASEBE Futoshi
1st Sakura Science Club Alumini Meeting in Viet Nam   21 Mar 2019   
Vietnam is paradise for the infectious disease study. [Invited]
HASEBE Futoshi
Nagasaki University Global Health WISE PhD Programme Kick Off Meeting   11 Mar 2019   
The DENV1 outbreak in Northern Vietnam in 2017 caused by the locally circulating virus. [Invited]
Pham Ha Chau, Taichiro Takemura, Nguyen Co Thach, Hoang Vu Mai Phuong, Nguyen Le Khanh Hang, Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, Le Thi Quynh Mai, Meng Ling Moi, Kouichi Morita, Futoshi Hasebe
Nagasaki University Global Health WISE PhD Programme Kick Off Meeting   11 Mar 2019   
Treasure every meeting. [Invited]
HASEBE Futoshi
International Conference on Veterinary Eligibility and Education in Asia"のOpen symposium   22 Nov 2018   
Molecular Characteristics of Dengue Virus in Myanmar 2017.
Aung Min Soe, Mya Myat Ngwe Tun, Theingi Win Myat, Htin Lin, Mo Mo Win, Nabeshima Takeshi, Inoue Shingo, Kyaw Zin Thant, Hasebe Futoshi, Kouichi Morita
10 Nov 2018   


Serological Survey of Bovine Brucellosis in Zambia.
1987 - 1990
Seroepidemiological Survey of Rift Valley Fever in Zambia.
1988 - 1990

Research Grants & Projects

Structural and Functional Analysis of Flavivirus Genome.