AKIBA Suminori

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AKIBA Suminori
Kagoshima University
Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences
M. S(Havard University (CIS)), Ph. D(Sapporo Medical University)

Research Areas



Ionizing Radiation and Lung cancer. A Review Including Preliminary Results from a Case-control study Among A-Bomb Survivors (共著)
Atomic Survivors Data : Utilization and Analysis   235-248    1984
Passive Smoking and Lung Cancer among Japanese Women (共著)
Cancer Research   346,4804-4807    1986
Smoking and Lung Cancer Mortality in Japanese Men : Estimates for Dose and Duration of Cigarette Smoking Based on the Japan Vital Statistics Data.
Jpn. J. Cancer Res.   727-731    1989
Lung Cancer Risk Comparison Among Male Smokers between the "Six-prefecture Cohort" in Japan and the British Physicians' Cohort.
Jpn. J. Cancer Res.   80,1165-1170    1989
Smoking and Serum Proteins in Atomic-Bomb Survivors in Japan.
American Journal of Epidemiology   131,1038-1045    1990

Research Grants & Projects

Cancer Epidemiology
Environmental Epidemiology