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Hokkaido University of Education
Faculty of Education, Sapporo Campus
Bachelor of Arts(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), Master of Arts in TESOL(The University of Arizona), Doctor of Philosophy in International Media and Communication(Hokkaido University)
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Apr 1975
Mar 1979
Faculty of Foreign Language, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Sep 1986
Dec 1988
English as Second Language, English Department, The University of Arizona
Apr 2001
Mar 2009
International Media and Communication, International Media and Communication, Hokkaido University

Committee Memberships

Apr 2007
Mar 2013
Japan Association of College English Teaching
Japan Association of College English Teaching
Apr 2011
Apr 2014
Japan Association of College English Teaching
Apr 2014
Mar 2017
Japan Association of College English Teaching
Jul 2014
Jun 2017
Japan Association of College English Teaching

Published Papers

Foreigner talk as Audience Design
JACET Bulletin   (22) 135-147   Aug 1991   [Refereed]
NNS/NNS conversation: Discourse organization in two-way information tasks
The IRLT Bulletin   (8) 37-52   Oct 1994   [Refereed]
Discourse competence of non-native speakers: two types of reparatory strategies in "one-way" and "two way" tasks
The IRLT Bulletin   (13) 51-67   Oct 1999
A Content Analysis of Listening Comprehension Tests in College Entrance Examinations from the Perspective of Communicative Language Ability
Hiroshi Ohba, Yoshio Arai, Yoko Hirata, Yuko Ito, Yasushi Kawai, Yuri Nishihori
HELES Journal   1 49-62   Dec 2001   [Refereed]
EFL Learners' Code-switching Strategies in Communication Tasks
Unpublished doctoral disseration      Mar 2009   [Refereed]
EFL Learners' Peer Review Sessions from the Perspectives of a Reviewer and a Writer
Yusuke Sawaya Michelle La Fay
Journal of Hokkaido University of Education, Education   60(2)    Mar 2010   [Refereed]
EFL learners' reading strategies: their development and the effect of text modification
Junichi Yamashita
Research Bulletin of English Teaching   8 19-41   Mar 2011   [Refereed]
Assessing student evaluation of English activities using the COLT observation scheme
La Fay, M., Ishizuka, H., Kawai, Y., Aoki, C.
Research Bulletin of English Teaching   9 23-44   Mar 2012   [Refereed]
Using classroom corpora to train preservice language teachers in dysfluencies and feedback
Katagir, N., Kawai, G.
HELES Journal   12 3-20   Dec 2012   [Refereed]
The role of L2 learners' writing ability in peer review sessions from the perspectives of a reviewer and a writer.
Sawaya, Yusuke
ARELE   24 235-250   Mar 2013   [Refereed]
Influences of international attitudes and possible selves on willingness to communicate in English: A comparative analysis of models for Japanese high school and university learners of English.
Sugawara, K., Sano, A., Kawai, Nakamura, K., & Mitsugi, M. (2013).
JACET Journal   57 21-40   Oct 2013   [Refereed]

Books etc

Language Learners' Code-switching Strategies in English as a Foreign Language
Kinseido   Feb 2014   ISBN:978-4-7647-1131-0

Conference Activities & Talks

How does student evaluation of activities in English classses reflect the COLT observation scheme?
Kawai, Y., Ishizuka, H., Aoki, C., La Fay, M.
The JACET 50th Commemorative International Convention   Aug 2011   
A two-layer analysis of Japanese language learners' code-switching in jigsaw and information-gap tasks
The Third Pacific-rim Conference on Education: Teacher Education and Professional Development   Jul 2012   
Toward a self-based understanding of willingness to communicate among Japanese learners of English
Sugawara, K., Kawai, Y., Nakamura, K., Sano, A., Shimura, A., Mituski, M.
Hokkaido English Language Education Society   Oct 2012   
Assessing Instructional Events Using the MOLT and COLT Observation Schemes
Akinobu Shimura,Aiko Sano,Yuko Sakai,Yasushi Kawai
28th JACET Hokkaido Chapter Convention   Jul 2013   JACET Hokkaido Chapter
Assisting Pre-service teachers through English Language Classroom Corpora
Norikaki Katagiri
CALL-Plus Workshop 2013   Nov 2013   JALT Hokkaido & the Moodle Association of Japan

Research Grants & Projects

Langauge Learners' Code-switching Strategies in English as a Foreign Language
Project Year: Apr 2013 - Mar 2014