HIYAMA Michihiko

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HIYAMA Michihiko
Tokyo Seitoku University
Faculty of Humanities
Job title
Professor,Dean of Faculty fo Humanity
Master(Tokyo University of Education(Japan))

Research Areas



Ethics, Literature Study, Tokyo University of Education
Philosophy, Faculty of Literature, Tokyo University of Education


The〈gesellschaftliche Verkehrsverhaltnisse Perspective Method in ゛Capital゛
Bulletin of Tokyo Seitoku College (]G0061[)17   (17) 1-16   1984
On the Kritik of Categories in ゛Capital゛
Bulletin of Tokyo Seitoku College (]G0061[)23   (23) 1-19   1990
On the Valueform and the Valuemeasurement
Bulletin of Tokyo Seitoku College (]G0061[)26   (26) 1-23   1993
Introduction to the Modern Theory of Freedom
Yachiyo Publishing Company   120   1993
The Social-Relations Represented in Commodity
Tokyo Seitoku University Bulletin   (3-4) 39-51,47-61   1996
On Freedom and Responsibility
“Jokyo” (Jokyo Publishing Company)   (7-8-9) 31-52,149-172   1996
The Concept of Value and the Logic by Inversion in the Value Form III in "Kapital" of Marx
“Jokyo” (Jokyo Publishing Company)   (3-4-5) 93-109,138-149,136-146   1997
"Dialectc of Enlightment" by Adorno and Horkheimer and Eclipse of freedom
“Jokyo” (Jokyo Publishing Company)   5    1998
The Reification Theory and The Value Theory
“Jokyo” (Jokyo Publishing Company)   99-127   1999
Value-Form Theory in “Kaptal” and Reification-Theory
“Jokyo” (Jokyo Publishing Company)   The combined Number Issure for January and February, 99-127    1999
Reification Theory as Critic of Modern Materialism
Quterly “Study of Materialism”   73, 8-22    2000
Environmental Problems and Materialistic Point of View of History
Monthly “Associe”   7, 102-118    2001

Books etc

The Study of the Japanese Sultureconstruction
Yachiyo Publishing Company   1992   
Eclipse of Freedom
Yachiyo Publishing Company   1994   
The Philosophy of Hiromatu and Modern Theory of Science
Jokyo Publisching Company   1999   

Research Grants & Projects

philosophy of freedom
theory of value