YAGAME Mitsunori

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YAGAME Mitsunori
Tokai University
School of Medicine, Internal Medicine
Job title
Associated Professor

Research Areas



Faculty of Medicine, Tokai University


Diabetic Nephropathy and Mesangium
Kidney and Dialysis   28(4) 719-724   1989
Japanese Journal of Nephrology   34(4) 353-360   1992
Significance of Levels of Circulating IgA-class Immune Complex in Discriminant Analysis of Patients with IgA Nephropathy before Renal Biopsy
Nephron   57,433-438    1991
Effect of Immunoglobulin Depositions on the Amount of Glomerular Sialic Acids in Patients with Membranous Nephropathy
Acta Pathologica Japonica   36(12) 1807-1811   1986
Detection of IgA-Class Circulating Immune Complexes(CIC)in sera from Patients with IgA Nephropathy using a Solid-Phase Anti-C3 Facb Enzyme Immunoassay(EIA)
Clinical and Experimental Immunology   67(2) 270-276   1987

Books etc

The Effects of Glycation on the Binding of IgG in the Glomeruli from Patients with Diabetic Nephropathy
Structural Basis for Glomerular Dysfunction   1991   
Fluorescence antibody method, Fluorescence antibody method-Renal tissue
Laboratory techniques in renal cell and molecular biology   2000   
Urinary albumin fragments, Laboratory analysis, Clinical findings
Type-2 Diabetic Nephropathy in Japan. From Bench to Bedside. :Contrib. Nephrol. Basel, Karger   2001   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Histopathology of Diabetic Nephropathy
Study on Histopathology of IgA nephropathy