Kazama Nobutaka

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Kazama Nobutaka
Meiji University
School of Commerce
Job title

Committee Memberships

Sep 2014
Association for the Study of Industrial Management (Japan)
Jan 2012
Sep 2014
Association for the Study of Industrial Management (Japan)
Apr 2011
May 2014
The Study for the History of Management theeories
Jan 2006
Dec 2011
Association for the Study of Industrial Management (Japan)

Published Papers

the socio-technical systems theory and "the autonomous work group"
64 5・6   1981
the uncertainty of the task enuironment and the organizing principles of work organization
66巻(1,2号) 95-136   1983
the development and limits of socio-technical systems theory
22巻    1984
The Contingency theory ob job redesign
66巻(3.4号) 125-167   1984
the movement of Quality of Working Life in the U.K.
67巻2-7号 511-574   1985


The Megacorporation in american society
the socio-technical systems theory and the autonomous work group
63巻(5,6号) 83-117   1981
corporation,classes and capitalism
the socio-technical systems theory
91-126   1985
Die Problembezug von Entsceidungsmodellen

Books etc

the socio-technical system theory and the Tavistock School no.
the Socio-technical systems theory no.
the type of business enterprise and management activities no.
Die Entwickrung und Modernisierungsstrategie der Autoindstrie in BRD no.
"the development of the Joint-Stock Company and the ""Institutionalization"" of business management no."
The basic Topics on the modern business management   1993   

Conference Activities & Talks

Flexible rationalization and the evolution of modular strategies in German Car Manufacturers
Oct 2005   

Research Grants & Projects

international comaparative management
Project Year: 2011   
the nationalization of productio in the German automobile industry
Project Year: 2009   
The Study of Total Management Quality
Project Year: 2007 - 2011