HAYASHI Toshihiro

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HAYASHI Toshihiro
Kagawa University
Faculty of Engineering and Design
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(The University of Tokushima)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

- Information Technology Center, Kagawa University, Professor


Course of Information Engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, The University of Tokushima
Course of System Engineering, Graduate School, Division of Engineering, The University of Tokushima
Department of Information Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokushima


Development of Chemical Database System Using Triplet Representation
HAYASHI, Toshihiro, YAMAMOTO, Yoneo
The Transactions of The IEICE D-I   J73-D-I(3) 372-374   1990
Development of ITS for English Exercises -Introduction of Domain Knowledge Structure and Knowledge Stability Model-
YANO, Yoneo, OKAMOTO, Ryo, HAYASHI, Toshihiro, KANENISHI, Kazuhide, KIMURA,Yoshinobu
The Transactions of the IEICE A   J75-A(2) 256-265   1992
Kanjirin : Kanji Dictionary Focusing on the Partial Structures to Give Inheritance of Attributes
HAYASHI,Toshihiro, YANO,Yoneo
The Transactions of The IEICE A   J76-A(12) 1795-1804   1993
KIDS : An Electronic Dictionary for Kanji Idiom Learning
HAYASHI, Toshihiro, YANO, Yoneo, MIYOSHI, Katsumi, SEKI, Yasuo
Journal of Japan Society for CAI   10(4) 159-170   1993
Kanji Laboratory : An Environmental ICAI System for Kanji Learning
HAYASHI, Toshihiro, YANO, Yoneo
IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems   E77-D(1) 80-88   1994

Conference Activities & Talks

What is e-Knowledge Consortium Shikoku (eK4) ?
情報知識学会第19回年次大会   2011   
Development of Integrated Kanji Learning Environment - Learning Support Functions on the Kanji Learning Portal -
電子情報通信学会教育工学研究会   2011   
Kanji Learning System Focusing on Differences of Meaning between Japanese and Learners' Mother languages
教育システム情報学会研究会   2010   
Kanji Learning Environment Focusing on Differences between Japanese and Learners' Mother Languages
電子情報通信学会教育工学研究会   2010   
Development of an animation making system for expressing dynamic phenomenon
電子情報通信学会教育工学研究会   2010   

Research Grants & Projects

Development of Sophisticated Educational Systems
Infrastructure of e-Learning including distance education
Study on Remote Educational System
Study on Game Style Educational System
Study on Environment Educational System