Hosogaya Nobuko

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Hosogaya Nobuko
Sophia University
Faculty of Economics, Department of Management
Job title
Associate Professor
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Academic & Professional Experience

May 1994
Mar 1996
Rikkyo University's College of Sociology

Published Papers

Regional Management and the Organisational Fields of Multinational Corporations: An Analysis in Japanese HRD/HRM Assistance Given to Subsidiaries by Japanese Regional Headquarters in Singapore
Paper presented as Competitive Paper at The 29th Euro-Asia Management Studies Association Annual Conference National University of Singapore   32 pages   Nov 2012   [Refereed]
Pressures which sustain or transform training programmes run by regional headquarters: Organisational fields of multinational corporations in Singapore and the perceptions of their managers
Nobuko Hosogaya
Paper presented at Second forum of Sociology, Buenos Aires, Argentina,   7pages   Aug 2012
Book reviews: Mitsuhide Shiraki, An Analysis of international resource management: from the 'multi-national internal labor markets' viewpoint
Hosogaya Nobuko
Japan society for personnel and labor research   9(2) 52-58   Oct 2007
Development of Knowledge based Economy and Manpower Policy in Singapore
Hosogaya Nobuko
Sophia economic review   51(1・2) 1-9   Mar 2006
The Development of Communication Network by e-Learning : Cases of Japanese Corporation Programs
Hosogaya Nobuko
Sophia economic review   50(1・2) 15-25   Mar 2005


HRD and HRM Assistance to the Local Subsidiaries in Asia-pacific: Determinant Factors and SHRM Policies around Regional Head Quarters of Japanese Multinational Corporations
International Industrial Relations Association 15th World Congress, Sydney Australia,      Aug 2009
The Working Conditions and Perception of Employees in Japanese Ryokan Industry
The Social Role of Hotel Industry in Matured Society : Proposals for the 21st Century of Hotel Industry   44-58   1994
The Utilization of Asian White-collar Employees in Japanese Companies
Management Philosophy   (8集) 51-55   1992

Books etc

Creating Social Cohesion in an Interdependent World: Experiences of Australia and Japan,"Individual Labor-Related Dispute Mechanisms in Japan—Policy Intention and Individual Worker Aspirations"
Hosogaya Nobuko
Palgrave Macmillan   Jan 2016   ISBN:978-1137520210
Hosogaya Nobuko (Part:Joint Translation, pp.37-74,pp.143-178)
Nihon Hyoron Sha   May 2014   ISBN:978-4-535-5865-4
『The Handbook of Human Resource Management Policies and Practices in Asia-Pacific Economies v. 1』 (New horizons in management series ) 「Japan」
Hosogaya Nobuko (Part:Joint Work, 231-283)
Edward Elgar Publishing   2002   ISBN:1840647507
Global advantage through people : Human resource management policies and practices in ten APEC economies
Hosogaya Nobuko
International Business Research Institute University of Wollongong.   1998   ISBN:0864185642

Conference Activities & Talks

Japanese female Self-Initiated Expatriates as labour market makers
Nobuko Hosogaya , Noriko Arai, Asuka Takeuchi
the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology   17 Jul 2018   the International Sociological Association
The self -initiated career competency of Japanese female expatriates in labour markets
Nobuko Hosogaya,Noriko Arai, Asuka Takeuchi
International conference of Korea Association of Business Education   11 Nov 2017   Soongsil University
Is it better to go study abroad? Globalization and Career Path for Sociologists in Japan. [Invited]
Nobuko Hosogaya, Saeko Kikuzawa, Chika Shinohara
Internationalization of Sociology, Looking for Common Ground of East Asian Society and Sociology:Global Meets Local and Regional   21 May 2017   The Center for Glocal Studies, Seijo University.
How Have International Experience and Gender Shaped Sociology? :Globalization and Career Paths of Sociologists in Japan
Nobuko Hosogaya Saeko KikuzawaChika Shinohara
East Asian Sociologists Network Conference   6 Nov 2016   
How International Experience and Gender Matter to Sociology Globalization and Career Paths of Sociologists in East Asia
Nobuko Hosogaya Saeko Kikuzawa Chika Shinohara
East Asian Sociologists Network Conference   6 Nov 2016