ITO Yahiko

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ITO Yahiko
Master of Laws(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Professor, Doshisha University Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science


Graduate School, Division of Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo
Graduate School, Division of Law and Politics, The University of Tokyo
Graduate School, Division of Public Administration, International Christian University
Faculty of Liberal Arts, International Christian University


"Washing of Niijima Jo"
"Misuzu", Misuzu-Sobo   (338) 6-13   1989
Richard H. MINEAR "Orientalism and the Study of Japan" (Translation)
"Misuzu" Misuzu-shobo   (259) 12-27   1982
Inoue Kowashi and His Religious Policy
"The Study of Christianity and Social Problems", Institute to for the Study of Humanities and Social Sciences, Doshisha University      1982
Fukuzawa Yukichi and the Problem of Intolerance in 1880s. (1), (2), (3)
"Shigaku Koron"      1995
The Rump-Government, TANAKA Fujimaro, and the Education Order of 1879
Doshisha Law Review      2002

Books etc

The Rise and Control of Public Sentiment in the Meiji Restoration
University of Tokyo Press   1999   
Neeshima Joe and His Student
Kouyou-Shobo   1999   
Rethinking of the Modern Japanese School History
Showa-do   1986   
"Niijima Jo's Younger Days in Edo" (jointly worked)
The World of Niijima Jo,/I>Kouyou-shobo   1990   
Niijima Jo, Launching Out from Edo to Hakodate
,I>Modern Japanese Society and Christianity, Dohosha-Shuppan   1989   

Research Grants & Projects

Meiji Restoration and "the Popular Sentiment"
Comprehensive Study of Niijima Jo
Fukuzawa Yukichi and INOUE Kowashi