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Hokkaido University
Graduate School of Engineering
Job title
Doctor of Engineering(Nagoya University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Nagoya University
Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya University

Awards & Honors

Outstanding Preposter-Poster Award
The most outstanding oral presenter in the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology International Conference 2008


Sasaki Koichi, Deguchi Yusei
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   57(9)    Aug 2018
The ignition probability of a premixed burner flame was improved in the effluent of a dielectric barrier discharge. In addition, the propagation speed of the flame kernel was increased by the dielectric barrier discharge. The increase in the propa...
Yamazaki Masahiro, Nishiyama Shusuke, Sasaki Koichi
Appl. Phys. Express   11(6)    May 2018
We examined the rate coefficient for the decomposition of CO<inf>2</inf>in low-pressure recombining hydrogen plasmas with electron temperatures between 0.15 and 0.45 eV, where the electron-impact dissociation was negligible. By using this ultralow...
Shimabayashi Masaharu, Kurihara Kazuaki, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   57(5)    Apr 2018
We remotely irradiated a nitrogen plasma onto the carbon-side surface of 4H-SiC at a low temperature, and examined the effect of sample cooling on the characteristics of the nitride layer. An improved nitride layer, which had higher concentrations...
SASAKI Koichi, KOYAMA Hiroshi
Applied Physics Express   11(3) 036201.1‐036201.4   Mar 2018
Applied Physics Express   11(2) 026201.1‐026201.4   Feb 2018
Sasaki Koichi, Takahashi Yuta
Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics   50(32)    Aug 2017
We observed the discharge phenomena in a cavitation bubble induced by liquid-phase laser ablation. A remarkable result was the deformation of the cavitation bubble. The formation of a swelling was observed from the cavitation bubble when the gas-l...
NISHIYAMA Shusuke, NAKANO Haruhisa, GOTO Motoshi, SASAKI Koichi
Journal of Physics. D. Applied Physics   50(23) 234003,1‐9   Jun 2017
Sasaki Koichi, Harada Shingo
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   56(6)    May 2017
We excited a cavitation bubble by irradiating a Nd:YAG laser pulse onto a titanium target that was installed in liquid nitrogen at a temperature below the boiling point. To our knowledge, this is the first experiment in which a cavitation bubble h...
佐々木 浩一
レーザー研究 = The review of laser engineering : レーザー学会誌   45(5) 267-272   May 2017
森川 昌太郎, 立藏 祐樹, 小林 一道, 藤井 宏之, 渡部 正夫, 佐々木 浩一
ながれ : 日本流体力学会誌 = Nagare : journal of Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics   36(2) 105-108   Apr 2017
Nishiyama Shusuke, Katayama Kento, Nakano Haruhisa, Goto Motoshi, Sasaki Koichi
Appl. Phys. Express   10(3)    Feb 2017
We developed a diode laser-based system for measuring the sheath electric fields in low-temperature plasmas. The Stark spectrum of the Balmer-α line of atomic hydrogen was measured by saturation spectroscopy with a fine spectral resolution. The sp...
Zaima Kazunori, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   55(8)    Jun 2016
We investigated the transient phenomena in a premixed burner flame with the superposition of a pulsed dielectric barrier discharge (DBD). The length of the flame was shortened by the superposition of DBD, indicating the activation of combustion ch...
Nafarizal Nayan, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   55(7)    Jun 2016
Absolute densities of Cu, Zn, Sn, and S atoms in magnetron sputtering plasmas were measured by ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy and vacuum ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy. A stoichiometric Cu<inf>2</inf>ZnSnS<inf>4</inf>(CZTS) target was us...
Mardis Mardiansyah, Takada Noriharu, Machmudah Siti, Wahyudiono, Sasaki Koichi, Kanda Hideki, Goto Motonobu
Research on Chemical Intermediates   42(5) 4581‐4590   May 2016
Takeuchi Masato, Sasaki Koichi
Applied physics A: Materials science & processing   122(4)    Apr 2016
The spectrum of the laser light scattered by nanoparticles in a cavitation bubble, which was induced by laser ablation of a titanium target in water, was measured using a triple-grating spectrograph. The scattered laser light observed at 100 mu s ...
Shimabayashi Masaharu, Kurihara Kazuaki, Horikawa Yoshimine, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   55(3)    Feb 2016
We examined the atomic concentrations and the weight densities of SiC surfaces irradiated with remote nitrogen plasmas. The unique approach of this work is that we compared the SiC surface irradiated with atomic nitrogen with that irradiated with ...
Zaima Kazunori, Akashi Haruaki, Sasaki Koichi
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP)   55(1)    Jan 2016
The objective of this work is to understand the mechanism of plasma-assisted combustion in a steady-state premixed burner flame. We examined the spatiotemporal variation of the density of atomic oxygen in a premixed burner flame with the superposi...
TAKADA Noriharu, HAYASHI Yui, GOTO Motonobu, SASAKI Koichi
Plasma and Fusion Research   11(0) 1406113-1406113   2016
<p>It is widely known that cavitation bubbles are not static bubbles but have the dynamics of the expansion, the shrinkage, and the collapse. In this work, we produced electrical discharges in acoustic cavitation bubbles for the first time with th...
Vacuum   121 26-31   Nov 2015
YANG Xiaoli, SASAKI Koichi, NAGATSU Masaaki
Plasma Sources Sci Technol   24(5) 055019,1-8   Oct 2015
Sasaki K., Soma S., Akashi H., ElSabbagh M., Ikeda Y.
Contributions to plasma physics   55(8) 563-569   Sep 2015
We adopted laser Thomson scattering for measuring the electron density and the electron temperature of microwave plasmas produced in helium at the pressures higher than the atmospheric pressure. The electron density decreased while we observed the...
Sasaki Koichi, Ishigame Hiroaki, Nishiyama Shusuke
European physical journal-applied physics   71(2)    Aug 2015
This paper reports the density distributions of OH, Na, water vapor and water mist in atmospheric-pressure dc helium glow plasmas in contact with NaCl solution. The densities of OH, Na and H2O had different spatial distributions, while the Na dens...
Zaima Kazunori, Tomioka Satoshi, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   54(8)    Jul 2015
We applied near-infrared cavity-ringdown absorption spectroscopy to a slender premixed burner flame with the intention of measuring the density of OH radicals. We found that the ringdown frequency was increased by the flame even when the laser wav...
Yang Xiaoli, Chang Xijiang, Tei Reitou, Sasaki Koichi, Nagatsu Masaaki
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   54(7)    Jun 2015
A compact microwave plasma light source for vacuum ultraviolet absorption spectroscopy (VUVAS) technique was developed to measure the absolute oxygen atomic density in N<inf>2</inf>/O<inf>2</inf>gas mixture surface-wave plasma. With self-absorptio...
プラズマ・核融合学会誌   91(1) 2-9   Jan 2015
Ishigame Hiroaki, Nishiyama Shusuke, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   54(1)    Nov 2014
The spatial distribution of OH radical density was measured in an atmospheric-pressure dc helium glow plasma produced between a nozzle anode and an electrolyte cathode. Laser-induced fluorescence imaging spectroscopy was applied to measuring OH de...
ZAIMA Kazunori, SASAKI Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   53(11) 110309.1-110309.4   Nov 2014
S. Nishiyama, H. Wang, M. Goto, K. Sasaki
J. Phys. Conf. Series   548    Nov 2014
ZAIMA Kazunori, SASAKI Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   53(6) 066202.1-066202.5   Jun 2014
SOMA Shuntaro, KURIHARA Kazuaki, SASAKI Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   53(4) 048001.1-048001.3   Apr 2014
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   53(1) 010213.1-010213.7   Jan 2014
プラズマプロセシング研究会プロシーディングス(CD-ROM)   31st ROMBUNNO.6P-PM-S13-P22   2014
Journal of the Society of Mechanical Engineers   117(1148) 449-452   2014
Iwata Yushi, Takada Noriharu, Sasaki Koichi
Applied Physics Express   6(12) 127301-127301-4   Dec 2013
We have found a simple method for the efficient generation of standing cavitation bubbles. The method is simply inserting a punching metal plate into water irradiated by ultrasonic wave. The water depth and position of the punching plate are optim...
Hayashi Yui, Wahyudiono, Machmudah Siti, Takada Noriharu, Kanda Hideki, Sasaki Koichi, Goto Motonobu
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys.   53(1)    Dec 2013
Hayashi Yui, Wahyudiono, Machmudah Siti, Kanda Hideki, Takada Noriharu, Sasaki Koichi, Goto Motonobu
Jpn J Appl Phys   52(11) 11NE02-11NE02-6   Nov 2013
Pulsed discharge plasma over the liquid surface was observed in the needle electrode configuration. The characteristics of streamer propagation including its optical emission intensity were investigated by using the intensified charge coupled devi...
S. Machmudah, Wahyudiono, N. Takada, H. Kanda, K. Sasaki, and M. Goto
Adv. Nat. Sci.: Nanosci. Nanotechnol.   4(4)    Oct 2013
UESUGI Yoshihiko, SASAKI Koichi
プラズマ・核融合学会誌 = Journal of plasma and fusion research   89(4) 225-228   Apr 2013
Y. Horikawa, T. Hayashi, and K. Sasaki
J. Phys. Conf. Series   441    Apr 2013
W. Soliman, N. Takada, N. Koshizaki, and K. Sasaki
Appl. Phys. A,   110(4) 779-783   Mar 2013
Appl Phys A   110(4) 835-839   Mar 2013
Horikawa Yoshimine, Hayashi Toshio, Sasaki Koichi
Japanese journal of applied physics : JJAP   51(12) 126301-1-5   Dec 2012
Nafarizal N., Sasaki K.
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics   45(50)    Dec 2012
This paper reports the temporal evolution, the dependence on the discharge conditions, and the spatial distribution of Cu particulates synthesized in high-pressure magnetron sputtering plasmas. The spatial distributions of the size and the density...
Sasaki Koichi, Shinohara Koji
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics   45(45)    Nov 2012
We found that the burning velocity in premixed burner flame was enhanced by heated electrons in the flame. The electron heating was realized by irradiating microwave power onto the flame, and was confirmed by observing optical emission intensity o...
K. Sasaki and R. Asakawa
Contrib. Plasma Phys.   52(8) 676-681   Sep 2012
Zaima Kazunori, Kurihara Kazuaki, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   51(8) 08HC02-08HC02-5   Aug 2012
We compared the absolute flux of positive ions with the flux of photons in a vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) wavelength range in an electron cyclotron resonance hydrogen plasma. The absolute flux of positive ions was measured using a Langmuir probe. The ...
Asakawa Renge, Goto Motoshi, Sadeghi Nader, Sasaki Koichi
Journal of Instrumentation   7    Jan 2012
We adopted saturation spectroscopy for observing a Doppler-free spectrum of the Balmer-α line of atomic hydrogen in a linear magnetized plasma source. The spectrum was composed of a broadband offset and many peaks which were assigned as fine-struc...
Takada Noriharu, Fujikawa Akinori, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   50(12) 126201-126201-4   Dec 2011
We examined the effects of a supersonic wave on laser-induced plasma and ablation-induced cavitation bubbles in liquid-phase laser ablation. The effect of the supersonic wave on laser-induced plasma was the change in the optical emission intensity...
Soliman Wafaa, Takada Noriharu, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   50(10) 108003-108003-2   Oct 2011
We investigated the effect of applying external pressure to ambient water on the size of nanoparticles synthesized by liquid-phase laser ablation. The in-situ diagnostics of the ablation space clearly indicated that the size of nanoparticles was a...
Sasaki Koichi, Tsutsumi Takahiko, Takada Noriharu
Jpn J Appl Phys   50(8) 08KE05-08KE05-4   Aug 2011
We developed a process technology for synthesizing conductive diamond-like carbon (DLC) films, in which nanoparticles embedded in the DLC films played the role of the paths of electric current. The synthesis process consisted of three steps. The f...
Horikawa Yoshimine, Kurihara Kazuaki, Sasaki Koichi
Applied physics express   4(8) 86201-1〜3   Aug 2011
Sasaki Koichi, Asaoka Ryota
Jpn J Appl Phys   50(8) 08JB02-08JB02-5   Aug 2011
We propose an optical method for estimating both the electron temperature and the electron density in an argon-containing reactive plasma. This method is based on density measurements of the two metastable states of argon in the plasma. Diode lase...
ElSabbagh Mansour, Kado Shinichiro, Ikeda Yuji, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   50(7) 76101-076101-6   Jul 2011
Rotational Raman scattering was adopted for measuring the spatiotemporal evolutions of the rotational temperature (Tex) and the density (Tex) of molecular nitrogen at the electronic ground state in spark-plug assisted atmosp...
Soliman Wafaa, Nakano Tetsutaro, Takada Noriharu, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   49(11) 116202-116202-6   Nov 2010
The solution of the conventional Rayleigh–Plesset equation did not agree with the experimental results on the temporal variations of the sizes of cavitation bubbles produced by laser ablation in water. In this work, we modified the conventional Ra...
Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan   53(8) 473-479   Aug 2010
&nbsp;&nbsp;This review article reports analyses of magnetron sputtering plasmas based on precise diagnostics by laser-induced fluorescence imaging spectroscopy. We show two-dimensional distribution of a radical density, anomalous ionization of me...
Pure Appl. Chem   82 1317   May 2010
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics   43(12) 124012,1-9   Mar 2010
Soliman Wafaa, Takada Noriharu, Sasaki Koichi
Applied Physics Express   3(3) 35201-035201-3   Mar 2010
We applied laser-light scattering for investigating the growth processes of nanoparticles in liquid-phase laser ablation. We observed the growth of nanoparticles inside the cavitation bubble. This means that particles ejected from the target are t...
佐々木 浩一
Jasco report   52(0) 28-33   Mar 2010
The Review of Laser Engineering   38(2) 113-119   Feb 2010
This review article reports the growth processes of nanoparticles in laser ablation processes. The growth
Yoshimine Horikawa, Kazuaki Kurihara, Koichi Sasaki
Jpn J Appl Phys   49(2) 26101-026101-6   Feb 2010
The absolute densities of Tex_{2}Tex, Tex, and Tex in an inductively coupled nitrogen plasma source were measured by cavity-ringdown and vacuum–ultraviolet absorpt...
Fukaya Kota, Tabata Akimori, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   49(1) 15501-015501-5   Jan 2010
We developed a new Si sputtering deposition system with an additional H-radical source, called H-radical-assisted magnetron sputtering (HRAMS). This system enables us to prepare a microcrystalline film even at a low total gas pressure of 3 mTorr a...
Miwa Kazuhiro, Usami Kenji, Takada Noriharu, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   48(12) 126002-126002-5   Dec 2009
We irradiated H2 and O2 plasmas onto fluorinated Al2O3, which was prepared by exposing a virgin Al2O3 sample to an SF6/O2 plasma. The effects of the H2 plasma irradiation were the reduction of the AlOxFy (Tex) and AlFx (Tex) bonding ...
Nafarizal Nayan, Takada Noriharu, Sasaki Koichi
Jpn J Appl Phys   48(12) 126003-126003-7   Dec 2009
We investigate production processes of Ti+ in magnetron sputtering plasmas to explain the finding that Ti+ density is enhanced significantly in the downstream region of a high-pressure discharge [N. Nafarizal et al.: Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 44 (2005) ...
SASAKI Koichi, UESUGI Yoshihiko, OHNO Noriyasu, OSAKA Yugo
Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan   51(158) 259-267   Nov 2009
Absorption line profile of the 5So2 - 5P1 transition of atomic oxygen and its application to plasma monitoring
Int J. Spectroscopy   2010 627571   2009
N. Nafarizal, N. Takada, and K. Sasaki
AIP Conf. Proc.   1150 174   2009
Merging Plasma Science into Combustion Science : Plasma-Assisted Combustion
51(158)    2009
Ultra-sensitive measurement of sheath electric field by laser-induced fluorescence-dip spectroscopy
J. Plasma Fusion Res.   83 215   2007
Jpn.J.Appl.Phys.   46(10A) 6822-6827   2007
Measurement of absolute Cu atom density in magnetron sputtering plasmas
Trans.Mater.Res.Soc.Jpn   30 291-294   2005
Absolute densities of Ti atoms and Ti+ ions in magnetron sputtering plasmas measured by laser-induced fluorescence
Trans.Mater.Res.Soc.Jpn.   30 299-302   2005

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Plasma etching processes for sub-quarter micron devices
The Electrochemical Society Inc.,   2000   

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Development of high-density plasma sources and their applications to material processing
Project Year: 1995   
Development of diagnostics technologies for reactive plasmas
Project Year: 1995   
Plasma-aided environmental technologies
Project Year: 2005   
Laser ablation
Project Year: 1995