IRIE Haruyuki

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IRIE Haruyuki
Hiroshima University
Doctor of Science(Hiroshima University), Master of Science(Hiroshima University)
Research funding number

Published Papers

The Levy fluctuation of species-abundance in a benthic community
The Abstracts of International Symposium on Dynamical Systems Theory and Its Applications to Biology and Environmental Sciences   1 113-113   Mar 2004   [Refereed]
Numerical analysis of currrrent-driven drift-wave instability in a finite-Tex plasma
Ueno, Chikara; Irie, Haruyuki; Tange, Toshio; Watanabe, Tsuguhiro; Nishikawa, Kyoji
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.   47(3) 984-989   Apr 1979   [Refereed]
Localized drift-Alfven mode instability due to the current density gradient in plasmas
Irie, Haruyuki; Inoue, Sanae; Nishikawa, Kyoji
Phys. Lett.   74A(3,4) 219-221   Apr 1979   [Refereed]
Geometrical effects on turbulent diffusion of toroidal plasma
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.   46(1) 293-299   Apr 1979   [Refereed]
New numerical method for solving eigenvalue problems described by coupled second-order differential equations
Watanabe, Tsuguhiro; Tange, Toshio; Ueno, Chikara; Irie, Haruyuki; Hojo, Hitoshi; Nishikawa, Kyoji
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn.   49(1) 376-384   Apr 1980   [Refereed]

Books etc

Localized microkink instability
Proc. Int. Conf. Plasma Physics   1980   
Nonadiabatic particle motion in magnetic mirror traps
Proc. of the US-Japan Workshop on Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics -- Problems in Fusion Plasmas   Nov 1981   
Nonadiabatic particle motion in magnetic mirror traps
Proc. of the US-Japan Workshop on Statistical Physics of Fusion Plasmas   Feb 1984   
Long-time correlation in the two-wave Hamiltonian
Proc. of the US-Japan Workshop on the Statistical Plasma Physics   Feb 1986   
Long-time correlation for the orbit on the critical KAM surfaces
Proc. of the First International Conference on the Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos in Classical and Quantum Systems   Aug 1986   

Conference Activities & Talks

Benthos Community of a Tidal Flat in the Seto Inland Sea [Invited]
Irie, Haruyuki
The 2nd Paciffic Rim Energy and Sustainability Conference (PRESCO 2013)   Aug 2013   PRESDA Foundation
Levy-distributed fluctuation of a species abundance [Invited]
Haruyuki Irie
Winter School in Tsukuba 2003   17 Dec 2003   
Fluctuation of the species abundance in a benthos community -- power law and the Levy distributions --
Haruyuki Irie
The 13rd Symposium on Biomathematics   20 Sep 2003   
The Levy distribution in a benthos community
Haruyuki Irie