Murasawa Masataka

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Murasawa Masataka
Hiroshima University
Job title
Master of Education(Hiroshima University)
Research funding number


Research theme:
Quantitative data analysis on higher education,
especially about:
1. optimal scale and socpe of higher education institutions,
2.structure, function and their change in higher eduation system,
3.organization, governance, strategy and decision-making of higher education institutions,
4.application of advanced statistical models to higher education.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2007
Associate professor, Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University
Apr 2003
Mar 2007
Associate Professor, Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University
Apr 2000
Mar 2003
Assistant Professor, Hiroshima Kokusai Gakuin Univ.
Apr 1996
Mar 2000
Research Associate, Hiroshima University


Apr 1993
Mar 1996
education major, Graduate School, Division of Education, Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University
Apr 1987
Mar 1991
Department of Education, Faculty of Education, Hiroshima University

Committee Memberships

Sep 2015
Sep 2017
Japan Society of Educational Sociology  executive board members, public affairs manager
Jun 2017
Oct 2017
The Behaviormetric Society  reviewer
Sep 2011
Sep 2012
Japan Society of Educational Sociology  Research Council
Sep 2014
Sep 2015
Japan Society of Educational Sociology  Research Council Member
Oct 2011
May 2012
Japanese Association of Higher Education Research  executive committee member

Published Papers

New Directions for Statistical Methods in Higher Education Research in Japan: A Review and Reflection on Experiences in Past 10 Years
Shinji Tateishi
Japanese Journal of Higher Education Research   20 135-156   Jul 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
In this paper, we reviewed articles applying quantitative analysis to higher education field published in two academic journals and/or an institutional journal over the past 10 years in Japan.
As a result, we discovered the following points; 1) we...
Discordant Implementation of Multilateral Higher Education Policies: Evidence from the case of the Bologna Process (Open access:
Research and Occasional Paper Series, CSHE, University of California, Berkeley   18(13) 1-9   Dec 2013
Internal Staff Allocation and the Changing Workload of Japanese Professoriate: A Multilevel Statistical Analysis with Simulations (Open access:
Research & Occasional Paper Series, CSHE, University of California, Berkeley.   1(13) 1-10   Jan 2013
Applying a Within-Group Homogeneity Analysis to Quantitative Research in Higher Education: Herfindahl Index, Agreement Index rwg, ICC and η

Books etc

Akira Arimoto, Yoshimasa Kano, Atsunori Yamanoi, Akihiro Asonuma, Hiroaki Urata, Naoyuki Ogata, Naomi Kimoto, Masashi Fujimura, Hirotaka Nanbu, Tomomi Amano, Yusuke Hasegawa, Tsukasa Daizen, Hideto Fukudome, Masataka Murasawa, Futao Huang, Hirotoshi Yamasaki, Ulrich Teichler, William K. Cummings, Jung Cheol Shin
Springer International Publishing, Switzerland   May 2015   ISBN:978-3-319-09468-7

Conference Activities & Talks

University governance in shrinking higher education systems
Jun Oba, Satoshi Watanabe, Tomoe Nomura, Masataka Murasawa
13th International Workshop on Higher Education Reform (HER2017) 7-9 September 2016 Dublin City University & Trinity College, Dublin   7 Sep 2016   International Workshop on Higher Education Reform
Towards Achieving a Convergent Quality Assurance System through Multilateral Higher Education Policies
Satoshi P. Watanabe; Masataka Murasawa; Jun Oba
12th International Workshop on Higher Education Reform   21 Oct 2015   Tianjin Normal University
Self-image and Missions of Universities: An Empirical Analysis of Japanese University Executives
Masataka Murasawa; Satoshi P. Watanabe
88th Annual Conference of The Japan Sociological Society   19 Sep 2015   The Japan Sociological Society

Research Grants & Projects

Project Year: 2012 - 2014
Project Year: 2011 - 2014
Project Year: 2009 - 2012    Investigator(s): YOSHIMOTO, Keiichi
This research focused on Junior colleges and professional training colleges as non-university higher education sectors and researched the characteristics of their educational programs with three perspectives, namely “control of education”, “method...
Project Year: 2009 - 2011    Investigator(s): MURASAWA, Masataka
This research aims to clarify the decision-making and behavior of colleges and universities, focusing on their horizontally egalitarian mentality, cross-reference and imitation by using series of quantitative data sets. Through the macro data caus...
Project Year: 2006 - 2009    Investigator(s): ARIMOTO, Akira
To be adaptable to the social change of the globalization, the knowledge based society and the neoliberalism etc, the system-level higher education policy aimed to improve higher education in quantitative and qualitative, has been laid out in rapi...