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Osaka University
Graduate School of Language and Culture
Job title
Associate Professor
Ph. D., (BLANK)

Research Interests



The West Narrates ltself : Tolstoi's Orientalistic Universalism in War and Peace and Other Works
JSSESS   (16) 1-9   1996
Towards the Deconstruction of Subjectivity : Re-interpretation of Tuories of Bakhtin and Volosnor from the Perspective of Japanese Classic Literature
Slavistika   (9) 581-594   1995
The Birth of "Sexual Life" : Rethinking Vita Sexualis and Naturalism
Comparative Literature Studies   (64) 118-30   1994
The Western Discourse of Love and Sex in Crisisitwo Ways of Protest
Slavic Studies   (38) 1-16   1991
Man Seen as a Beast, Male Seen as an Animal
Proceedings of 1991 ICLA   275-80   1994

Books etc

Re-engendering Translation: Transcultural Practice, Gender/Sexuality and the Politics of Alterity
YOKOTA-MURAKAMI Takayuki (Part:Contributor)
St. Jerome   2011   
Russian Studies in Japan, Japanology in Russia
Introduction to Slavic Studies   1995   
Futabatei Shimei and his Readings of Russian Literature
Introduction to Comparative Literature   1995   
Sexuality (]E85C1[) la Russe and a la Edo : Re-reading The Krentzer Sonata in Translation by Ozaki K(]E87C7[)y(]E87C7[) and Konishi Masutar(]E87C7[)
Translation and Modernization   1994   
Protocols of Sexuality -How Do We Construct our Desire?
Shin'yo sha   1997   

Research Grants & Projects

Gencalogical Study of Modern Sexuality
A Study of Contemporary Literary/Cultural Theories of America and Russia
A Study of Contemporary Japanese Comics through the Perspectives of Cultural Studies