SATO Katsunori

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SATO Katsunori
Former Institution / Organization Okayama University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Agricultural Sciences
(BLANK)(Tohoku University)

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Tohoku University
Faculty of Education, Tohoku University


Katsunori SATO, Mikihiro KIO, Yanuarso Eddy HEDIANTO, Mikiro TADA, Kinji HACHIYA, Takayoshi INO
Japanese Poultry Science   26(1) 17-22   1989
Anim. Sci. Technol. (Jpn).   62(1) 7-11   1991
Anim. Sci. Technol. (Jpn)   62(7) 651-653   1991

Books etc

The present condition and subject of quail
Recent future of Domestic animal industry   1992   
An application of segregation analysis to field data : Simulation study for inclusion of fixed effect(共著)
Proceedings of the 5th WCGALP   1994   
Genetic study on carcass traits of Japanese Black Cattle in Okayama, based on the field study-Amalysis with records of carcass competitive exhibition and show in Okayama pref. -
Final Reports for Research Grants for Meat and Meat Products   1994   
The effect of Division of small population on genetic progress(共著)
Proceedings. The 8th AAAP Animal Science Congress   1996   
The comparison of animal models for genetic evaluation of wagu cattle using a data set with small herds(共著)
Proceedings The 8th AAAP Animal Science Congress   1996   


Studies on the development of production technique of agriculture and animal husbandry in Inner Mongolia
Survey and study on improvement of domestic animal in Inner Mongolia
Invited lecture for study communication with Institate of Animal Science, Chinese Academy of Agricultwral Sciences
Study on Feed Protein contents, for quail

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Sexing of Japanese quail
Study on Aggression behavior in mice
Study on Alloxan-induced Diabetes in mice
Development of feed for quail using cotineal refuse
Project Year: 2002   
Development of feed for quail using Cotineal refuse