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Meiji University
Organization for the Strategic Coordination of Research and Intellectual Properties
Job title
Professor (non-tenured)
Doctor of Engineering(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Tokyo Institute of Technology Professor Emeritus
Apr 1999
Mar 2012
Tokyo Instititute of Technology Graduate School of Science and Engineering Professor


Apr 1970
Mar 1972
Graduate School, Division of Engineering, Kyoto University
Apr 1966
Mar 1970
Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University

Committee Memberships

IACM General Council
IACM(International Association for Computational Mechanics) General Council
JACM(Japan Association for Computational Mechanics) Member

Awards & Honors

Dec 2013
5th Asia-Pacific Congress on Computational Mechanics(APCOM 2013)& 4th International Symposium on Computational Mechanics(ISCM 2013)においてAPACM APACM(Asian-Pacific Association for Computational Mechanics) Award for Senior Scientists
Jun 2005
JSAE Fellow
Jun 2003
ASME Fellow
Jun 2001
Honorary Advisor of AIIB(Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings)
Mar 2001
JSME Fellow

Published Papers

Parallel molecular dynamics simulation on nanometric grinding
"Huawei CHEN, Dawei ZHANG, Tian HUANG"
Transaction of JSCES   (7) 207-213   2005
"Huawei CHEN, Tian HUANG, Dawei ZHANG"
Applied Surface Science 252   (252) 3553-3560   2006
"Deng Li, C.C.Douglas, Takashi Kako, Suzuki Masabumi"
Computers & Mathematics with Applications   1689-1704   2006
Convergence analysis for a nonconforming membrane element on anisotropic meshes
"D.Y.Shi, S.C.CHen"
"Journal of Computational Mathematics, Journal of Computational Mathematics,Journal of Computational Mathematics"   23(4) 373-382   2006
Diagnosis of Motion Errors of the Rotary Axes in 5-axis Machining Center (1st report) --The Procedure for Diagnosis of Angular Error Sources
"Huawei CHEN, Dawei ZHANG"
Journal of CJME   (19) 276-281   2006


Hiroshi OKADA
"Journal of Computational Science and Technology,Vol. 1 No. 1,pp.1-1"   1(1) 1-1   2007
From Origami to”Origamics
The Japan Journal   5(3) 22-25   Jul 2008
Recent Topics of CAD/CAE/CG/C-Control
Special Lecture in Huazhong University of Science and Technology      Aug 2008
NURBS Patches Generation from STL Data
先端技術フォーラム“リバースエンジニアリングの最前線”日本機械学会2009年度年次大会講演資料集   9    Sep 2009
The Smooth B-spline Reconstruction by B-spline Patches
先端技術フォーラム“リバースエンジニアリングの最前線”日本機械学会2009年度年次大会講演資料集   9    Sep 2009

Books etc

A study on crash energy absorption ability of lightweight structure by using truss core panel
Y. Yang, X. Zhao, S. Tokura (Part:Joint Work)
Jan 2016   
Sound Insulating Performance Of Origami-Based Sandwich Truss core panels
S. Ishida, H. Morimura (Part:Joint Work)
Jan 2016   

Conference Activities & Talks

Development of Color Recommendation System
Ladys ROdriguez
第17回計算工学講演会   31 May 2012   日本計算工学会
Fuzzy-Quantized Holographic Neural Network Using Feature Selection with Sparse Representations
Luis Diago
第17回計算工学講演会   31 May 2012   日本計算工学会
Origami Engineering Based on Geometry and Computer Science
Workshop on Methods and Applications of Industrial and Applied Mathematics   31 May 2012   International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Current Trends of Origami Engineering for Industrial Applications
The First International Workshop on Hydraulic Equipment and Support Systems for Mining   17 Aug 2012   Liaoning Technical University institute of mechanical enqineering
Mean-shifted normal clustering in 3D mesh segmentation
Yu Bo, Savchenko Maria
日本応用数理学会2012年度年次大会   29 Aug 2012   日本応用数理学会

Research Grants & Projects

Research on Creating Function of New Lightweight Core Structure and Its Forming Method by Fusion of Computational Mechanics and Origami Engineering
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2013