KITAMURA Yoshinobu

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KITAMURA Yoshinobu
Tottori University
Faculty of Agriculture
Job title
Doctor of Agriculture(Kyoto University)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Tottori University, Arid Land Research Center,
Associate Professor


Faculty of Agriculture, Tottori University

Committee Memberships

The Japanese Association for Arid Land Studies  Member of Editorial Board
Japanese Society of Sand Dune Research  councilor


Study on flow-traveling time in a natural river-case study in the Sg. Padang Terap (River), Malaysia-(jointly worked)
Irrigation Engineering and Rural Planning   (14) 53-68   1988
Rainfall-runoff relation in the catchment area covered by thick tropical forests-case study in the Muda Irrigation Project Area, Malaysia (II)
Irrigation Engineering and Rural Planning   (15) 24-37   1989
Water management for the improvement of rice double cropping-a case study in the Muda Area, Malaysis-(jointly worked)
Seventh Afro-Asian Regional Conference, ICID      1989

Books etc

14 Rice double cropping and field infrastructure in the Muda Irrigation Scheme, Peninsular Malaysis
Paddy fields in the world   1995   ISBN:ISBN4-88980-077-8
Ecological environment of West Africa Restoration of ecological environment and rehabilitation of rural communities (in Japanese)
Association of Agriculture & Forestry Statistics   1997   ISBN:ISBN4-541-02920-0
Handbook for hydrology and water resources (in Japanese, partial writing)
Asakura Publishing Co., Ltd.   1997   ISBN:ISBN4-254-26136-5
Sand dune research to pave the way for the new century -from sand dune to deserts in the world-(in Japanese, partial writing)
Association of Agriculture & Forestry Statistics, Tokyo   2000   ISBN:ISBN4-541-02920-0
Restoration of inland valley ecosystems in West Africa (partial writing)
Association of Agriculture & Forestry Statistics, Tokyo   2002   ISBN:ISBN4-541-02920-0


Study on the establishment of leaching technology and prevention of secondary salinization
1996 - 1998
Research on salt behavior in soil affected by groundwater management and reuse of drainage water using subsurface drainage system
water, salt, and nutrient interaction in plant growth
1996 - 1998
1. Planning of hydro-political scenario for river basins confronted with a water shortage problem 2. Development of water management tool box

Research Grants & Projects

Study on Water Resources Management in Arid Land
study on water management for irrigated agriculture in arid land
Research on combatting desertification and development in semi-arid regions in Inner China
Research on integrated water resources management in the Aral Sea Basin
JST Basic Research Programs (Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology :CREST)
Project Year: 2003 - 2008
Research on secondary salinization in irrigated lands in and region