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Komazawa University
Faculty of Letters, Department of Japanese Literature, Medieval Literature
Job title
Doctor of Literature(Ochanomizu University), Master of Literature(Ochanomizu University)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Japanese
Literature, Fuji Phoenix College
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education,
Kumamoto University
- Professor, Faculty of Letters, Komazawa


Graduate School, Doctral Research Course in Human Culture, Ochanomizu University
Faculty of Letters and Education, Ochanomizu University


A reconsideration of the text of the Enkyô-bon Heike monogatari (Ôei copy): the descriptive passage in the "Kan'yôkyû" section ("The Xianyang Palace").
Kokubun (Ochanomizu Women's University)   (95) 45-57   2001
Editorial changes to the text of the Enkyô-bon Heike monogatari (Ôei copy) the story of "Gandate" ("The Vows").
Kokugo to kokubungaku   79(2) 18-31   2002
Forms of Expression in the Kakuichibon Heike Monogatari, Focusing on Nature Description in "The Coistered Emperor Visits Ohana" in Kanjo no Maki (Epilogue)
Chusei Bungaku (Medieval Literature)   35 71-79   1990
An examination of editorial changes in the story of Yorimasa in the Enkyô-bon Heike monogatari (Ôei transcription).
Gunki monogatari no mado: dainishû.   Izumi shoten: pp.29-56    2002
Problems of transcription in books one and four of the Enkyô-bon Heike monogatari (Ôei copy).
Komazawa kokubun   (40) 33-51   2003
Transcription of the Enkyô-bon Heike monogatari (Ôei copy): the interval between the text transcribed in the Enkyô period and the text transcribed in the Ôei period.
Shônan bungaku   (16) 63-67   2003
A Textual Study of the Heike Monogatari in Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library : On the Mixed Nature and Classification of the So-called Yasaka Lineage Texts
Fuji Phoenix Review   4 55-71   1996
Concerning the Moon-Viewing Episode in Book Five of <Heike Monogatari>
Gunki to Katarimono (Martial Tales and Oral Narrative)   (21) 24-34   1985
Heike Monogatari Emaki (The Tale of the Heike Picture Scroll) in the Collection of the Hayashibara Museum of Art : Text and the Circumastances Surrounding its Creation
Fuji Phoenix Review   (1) 27-47   1993
Aspects of the Reception of Heike Monogatari as Seen in the Heike Monogatari Waka Nukigaki in the Jingu Bunko Collection
Kokubun (Japanese Literature) (Journal of the Department of Japanese Literature, Ochanomizu University   (75) 28-38   1991
Stylistic Similarities of Various Sections of the Yasaka Version of Heike Monogatari-depictions of the figure Kiyomori
FUJI PHOENIX REVIEW   (3) 37-50   1995
The Study of WAKA and the Waka-inspired Expressions in Engyo-bon, Heike Monogatari : a reading of the Episode of "Lord Sanesada Meets Matsuyoi no Kojiju" in Chapter Thirty-One, Volume Four
FUJI PHOENIX REVIEW   (2) 33-49   1994
Introduction to the 〈Heike Monogatari Waka Nukigaki〉-in the Jingu Bunko Collection
Gunki to Katarimono   27 87-102   1991
A Re-examination of the 494th Story of Kokon-Chomonju : Saigyo in His Last Years
Bulletin of the Doctoral Research Course in Human Culture Ochanomizu University   (12) 37-48   1989
The Sense of Historical Era in 〈Heike Monogatari 〉-, Focusing on the Rank-Giving Ceremony in the First Year of Jisho (1177)
Kokubun   62 22-34   1985
Depiction of the Ex-Emperor Takakura in the Heike Monogatari
Gunki to Katarimono   21 8-31   1985
Depiction of Character in 〈Heike Monogatari〉-Taira no Munemori
Kokubun   51 8-20   1979

Books etc

Kôtei Enkyô-bon Heike monogatari (6). [Edition of book four of the Enkyô-bon Heike monogatari].
Kyûko shoin,   2004   
Kôtei Enkyô-bon Heike monogatari (4). [Edition of book four of the Enkyô-bon Heike monogatari].
Kyûko shoin,   2002   
The Formation and Reception of the Tale of Heike
Kyûko shoin,   2001   
The Heike Monogatari Picture Scroll in the Hayashibara Museum of Art
CREO   1994   
People of the Tokudaiji as seen in the Heike Monogatari
the Heike Monogatari-narrative story and narratives   1994   


Journey Into Beauty-Heike Monogatari Planning Committee Member

Research Grants & Projects

A Study of Meigetsuki
Project Year: 1985   
A Comprehensive Study of Heike Monogatari
Project Year: 1979