KOGISO Takeyoshi

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KOGISO Takeyoshi
Josai University
Faculty of Sciences, Department of Mathematics
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Graduate School, Division of Mathematics, University of Tsukuba
University of Tsukuba

Published Papers

Kauffman bracket polynomials associated to Conway-Coxeter Friez
KOGISO Takeyoshi, WAKUI Michihisa
Proceedins of Meeting for the study of Number theory , Hopf algebras and reated topics   1(1) 25-50   Feb 2019   [Refereed]
Local Functional Equationa attachted to the polarizations of homaloidal polynomials
KOGISO Takeyoshi, SATO Fumihiro
Kyushu Journal of Mathematics   72(2) 307-331   Feb 2018   [Refereed]
Representations of Clifford algebras and local functional equations
Fumihiro Sato, Takeyoshi KOGISO
RIMS-kokyuroku-Bessatsu   B36 53-66   2012   [Refereed]
Tatsuo, Kimura, KOGISO Takeyoshi, Kazunari Sugiyama
Journal of Algebra   308(2) 445-483   2007   [Refereed]
Takeyoshi KOGISO, Go Miyabe, Miyuki Kobayashi , Tatsuo Kimura
Journal of Algebra   251(1) 27-69   2002   [Refereed]


Simple calculation of the residues of the adelic zeta function associated with the space of binary cubic forms
Journal of number theory   (51) 233-248   1995
On adelic zeta functions of prehomogeneous vector spaces with a finitely many adelic open orbits.
Advanced studies in Pure Mathematics   (21) 21-31   1991
Calculation of the adelic zeta function associated with P. V. (GL(2), M(2)) over an algebraic number tield
Algebras, Groups and Geometries   (11) 127-144   1994
On functional equation of prehomogeneous zeta distributions over a local tield of characteristic P.
Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society {\bf56}, 331--341 ().   vol.56, 331--341    1997
Simple calculation of the adelic zeta function associated with the space of binary cubic forms over a function field.
Algebras. Groups and Geometries   (14) 183-209   1997
Calculation of the adelic zeta function associated with P. V. (GL(2), M(2)) over a function tield
Algebras, Groups and Geometries   13(1) 105-127   1996
Fundamental theorem of prehomogeneous vector spaces of characteristic P.
Bulletin of the Australian mathematical society   (56) 331-347   1997
On an algebra of Siegel modular forms associated with the theta group T2(1、2).
Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics   22(3) 645-656   1998
Mathematics of Computation   vol. 72, No. 242, 865--889    2003

Conference Activities & Talks

Cluster algebras and Knot invariants [Invited]
KOGISO Takeyoshi
Meeting of Number Theory, Ring Theory, Hopf algebra theory and related topics   22 Feb 2019   
Local funcional equations of homaloidal polynomials [Invited]
KOGISO Takeyoshi
CNRS(Reims University), France   3 Jul 2018   
Clifford Quartic forms and its applications [Invited]
KOGISO Takeyoshi
Seminarie Theorie de Anayse, Metz-IECL, France   28 Jun 2018   
Local funcional equations of polynomials [Invited]
KOGISO Takeyoshi
Seminarie Theorie de Lie, IECL, France   27 Mar 2018   
Recipe for making Kauffman bracket by using cluster algebras of type A,B
KOGISO Takeyoshi
7 Jan 2018   

Research Grants & Projects

Zeta functions associated with prehomogeneous vector spaces