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Former Institution / Organization Kyorin University Faculty of Social Sciences Depatment of Policy

Research Areas



The International Context of the North Korea's Proposal for a New Peace Arrangement ' : Issues after the US-DPRK Nuclear Accord'
Korean Journal of Defense Analysis   V11(1) 251-273   1995
The South Korean Politics after the Collapse of the Three Parties Merger System : Controversies on ' Generational Replasement' 'Constitutional Revision' and 'Regionalism'
International Affairs   (433) 30-44   1996
North Korea's 'Nuclear Problem' and the North-South Relations Between 'Localization' and 'International Regime
International Affairs   (403)    1993
Political Prerequisites and Prospects for the Application of the European Experience on the Korean Peninsula : CBMs as aon Alternative to the Korean Conflict?
Les Cahier de L'itri      1993
The End the Cold War and the Korean Unifiation Issue : Convergence to the Localized Confidence Building Regime
International Relations   (100)    1992

Books etc

The Self-Reliance and Legitimacy Problem under Park Chung-hee Administration-Proposal of 'Competition by Goodwill' and the Concept of 'Kugmin Chonghwa'
Tatsumi Okabe (ed.), The Future of Asian Politics and Japan, Keiso Shobo, 1995   1995   
The Triple-Layered of the Multilateralism on the Korean Problem : 'Localization, 'International Regime' 'Regional Order'
Tatsumi Okabe (ed.) , The Asia-Pacifiic Region in the Post-Cold War Era,The Japan Institute of International Affairs 1995   1995   
The Nordpolitik in Roh Tae-woo Administration : The Political Dynamics of the Normalization of the Korea-Soviet Diplomatic Ties
Masao Okonogi (ed.) The Korean Peninsula in the Post- Cold War Era, the Japan Institute of International Affairs 1994   1994   
The Progress of the North-South Dialogue and Unification Policies
Motoi Tamaki and Toshio Watanabe (eds.) , North Korea : Collapse or Survival ? Simal Press, 1993   1993   
The Controversies on Parliamentary Constitutional Revision in Contemporary Korean Politics : Perspestives from the Korean Party Politics
South Korea : Politics and Administration in Reform, Research Center for Administrative Management, 1992   1992   

Research Grants & Projects

Study in the Multilateralism on the Korean Problem
Study on the Power Succession of the Korean Politics
Study on the Political Economy of Park Chung-hee Administration