TERADA Yoshitaka

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TERADA Yoshitaka
National Museum of Ethnology
Division of Cultural Research
Job title
Doctor of Philosophy(University of Washington), Master of Arts(University of Washington)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Jaap Kunst Award (Society for Ethnomusicology)


CD Review Vadya Lahari: South India Instrumental Ensemble
Ethnomusicology   38(3), 559-561    1994
Variational and Improvisational Techniques of Gandingan Playing in the Magindanaon Kulintang Ensemble
Asian Music (Journal of the Society for Asian music)   27(2) 53-79   1996
Effects of Nastalgia : the Discourse of Decline in Periya M(]J1123[)lam music of South India
Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology   21(4) 921-939   1996
Book Review of Tyagaraja and the Renewal of Tradition : Translations and Reflections
Journal of the Japanese Society of Musicology   44(2) 131-135   1999
Asian Music in a Globalizing World
JAPAN ECHO   27(4) 55-59   2000

Books etc

Transcending Boundaries: Asian Musics in North America(ed.)
National Museum of Ethnology   2001   
Authenticity and Cultural Identity: Performing Arts in Southeast Asia (ed.)
National Museum of Ethnology   2007   
Music and Society in South Asia: Perspectives from Japan (ed.)
National Museum of Ethnology   2008   


Ethnography of South Indian Music Culture
1986 - 1987
Hindu Temple Ritual Music in South India
Ethnomusicological Survey of Gong Music in Mindanao, the Philippines
Mindanao Kulintang Ensemble North American Tour 1995 (in New York, Washington DC, New Jersey, Seattle)
Artistic Activity   1995
Production of a compact disc, "Kulintang : Gong Music from Mindanao Island, Philippines"
Artistic Activity   1995

Research Grants & Projects

Music and Identity among Asian Americans
Gong music of the Philippines