SASAKI Atsushi

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SASAKI Atsushi
Kyoto Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Science and Technology
Master of Engineering

Research Areas



Graduate School, Division of Engineering and Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Faculty of Engineering and Design, Kyoto Institute of Technology


A Study of the Damaged Hospitals by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
Monographs of Community Facility Planning AIJ (Architectural Institute of Japan)   (14)    1996
Practical Planning for the Large Scale Exercise Rooms-Studies on the Planning of Rehabilitation Department in General Hospital
Journal of Archi. Plaun. Environ. Engng, AIJ   (427)    1991
On the Composition and the Conditions in use of the public health center as a compound facility related to the health, medical-treatment and welfare
Monographs of Communlty Facility Planning AIJ   (17) 311-346   1999
On the planning of the welfare facility for primdry community--fromthe case studies in Kobe and Kyoto city--
AIJ・Regional Community Facilities Planning and Design   19 263-268   2001
NPO Support of Town Planning Activities in Kyoto's Demachi District.
JANPORA, The NonProfit Review   1,1,91-102    2001

Books etc

The Planning of Community Facilities
Maruzen Co. , Led.   1995   
The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthguake and the Architectural Planning
The Committee of the Architectural Planning of AIJ.   1995   
The Encyclopedia of the Terminology with Medical Management
Dai-ichi Houki Dublication   1993   
Analysis and the Concept of the Commercial Districts in Kyoto
The Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry   1987   
Planning and Design of the Commercial Districts in Kyoto
The Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry   1992   


Planning and Design of the District ; "Kawaramachi Area of in Kyoto (the 3rd batch Kyoto Townscape Prize)"
Artistic Activity   1993
Planning and Design of the Districts ; "Demachi" and "Fushimi"
Artistic Activity   1991
The Research work Abroad From the Japanese Goverment on the Planning of Medical Facility and Public Architecture in Europe
1989 - 1990
On the Possibility of the Library in“Fushimi"District ; the 3rd Awarded competition Work by AIJ in 1980
Artistic Activity   1980
The fine work On the City Planning Competition“Nada-Suidohsuji"District.
Artistic Activity   1997

Research Grants & Projects

on Planning of the Medical and Welfare Architecture
on Planning and Design of Community Facility
On Systems Approach for the Public Archnitecture Design