YAMADA Masashi

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YAMADA Masashi
Chukyo University
School of Information Science and Technology, Department of Information Media Technology
Job title
(BLANK)(Nagoya Institute of Technology), (BLANK)(Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Research Interests


Research Areas



A Cat's Cradle String Diagram Display Method Based on a Genetic Algorithm (jointly worked)
FORMA,Edited by The Society for Science on Form   9(1) 11-28   1994
A String Diagram Transformation Process using a Genetic Algorithm -A Cat's Cradle Diagram Generating Method-(jointly worked)
The 3rd Pacific RIM International Conference on Artificial Intelligence   1 429-434   1994
An Implementation of Knit Designing System Based on a Genetic Algorithm(jointly worked)
The 3rd International Conference on Automation,Robotics and Computer Vision.   1 1277-1281   1994
Constrained Knot Representation and Its Process(jointly worked)
The 3rd International Conference on Automation,Robotics and Computer Vision.   3 1457-1461   1994
On Guiding the Renforcement Learning and Tuning of Fuzzy Rules through Teaching(jointly worked)
Pacific-Asian Conference on Expert Systems.   480-484   1995

Books etc

A Generating Method for 3-dimensional Knitting Cloth Shapes(jointly worked)
Lecture Note in Computer Science, Spring-Verlag   1997   
An Evolutionary String Pattern Generation and its Application to 3D Cat's Cradle Playing System(jointly worked)
Evolutionary Computations and Intelligent Systems, Gordon & Breach Publishers, Inc.   1998   

Research Grants & Projects

Knowledge Representation of Media and its Processing
Project Year: 2002