Hirata Tatemasa

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Hirata Tatemasa

Research Areas



Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers   (399)    1988
Surface Soil Gas Survey for Identifging Pollutant Source and Existing Form of Organochlorines in Subsurface Environment (共著)
IAH (International Association of Hydroges-logist) Selected Papers   4 39-49   1993
Seasonal Change of Soilwater and Streamwater Chemistries in the Tsukuba Experimental Forested Basin (共著)
Journal of Hydroscience and Hydraulic Engineering   10(1) 37-47   1992
Journal of Japan Society on Water Environment   15(10) 719-725   1992
Relation of Water Migration and Chemical Processes in a Forest Ecosystem (共著)
Journal of International Association of Hydrological Science   215 31-40   1993

Books etc

Soil and Groundwater Pollution and Countermeasures
Japan Environmental Measurement and Chemical Analysis Association   1996   


Field Survey of Subsurface Pollution induced By Hanshin-Awaji Great Earthquake
Field Survey of on Nitrate Nitrogen Pollution in Groundwater Environment
Field Survey on hazardous metals Pollution in Subsurface Environment

Research Grants & Projects

Development of remediation technology for subsurface pollution
Element Cycle Analysis Using Environmental Isotopes
Element Cycle in Forest Ecosystem