NAGAKI Yasunori

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NAGAKI Yasunori
(BLANK)(Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University)

Research Interests


Research Areas



CROSS-SPECIES Transplantation of Photoreceptors with Tacrolimus Hydrate(FK506) Treatment「(共著)」
Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology   39 334-339   1995
Primary cornea guttata in Japanese patients with cataract : specular microscopic observations.
Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology   40 520-525   1996
Management of psychiatric patients befor and after eye surgery
Japanese Review of Clinical Ophthalmology   89(12) 1644-1646   1995
Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology   42(3) 223-226   1998
Ophthalmologica   212 339-343   1997

Research Grants & Projects

Effects of Traditional Sino-Japanese Herbal Medicines, on Experimental Elevation of Aqueoas Flare