SAITO Hiroshi

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SAITO Hiroshi
Toyo University
Faculty of LawDepartment of Managerial Law
Job title
Doctor of Jurisprudence(Komazawa University), Master of Law(Komazawa University)
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Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Musashino Junior College, a part time lecturer
Komazawa University, a part time lecturer
Tokai University, a part time lecturer
Heisei International University and Law School,Associate


Graduate School, Division of Law, Komazawa University
Faculty of Laws, Chuo University

Published Papers

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems and International Law
SAITO Hiroshi
Kenpo Kenkyu   (50) 67-86   Jul 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
Tempo e diritto (3)
SAITO Hiroshi
TOYOHOUGAKU   59(2) 1-14   Jan 2016
Tempo e diritto (2)
SAITO Hiroshi
TOYOHOGAKU   58(2) 1-20   Dec 2014
Saito Hiroshi
50(1) 185-202   Mar 2007
The Journal of constitutional law.   (39) 51-73   2007
The journal of contemporary social sciences   (4) 101-107   2006
Saito Hiroshi
49(1) 157-167   Sep 2005


Concise History on the Restriction to War Correspondents from viewpoint of Internaitonal Law
Revue Diplomatique   (1313) 75   1994
A Reconsideration on Theoretical and Legal Relation between International Law and Domestic Law from viewpoint of Legal System of Outer Space Stations
Heisei Journal of Law and Political Science   1(1) 21   1996
Freedom of Coverage in International Armed Conflicts and International Law : on the Application of the right of access.
Review Diplomatique   (1332)    1996
The Legal Grounds of Self-Defence : International Lew and Constitutional Law of Japan.
Heisei Journal of Law and Political Science   2(2)    1998
A Consideration on the Study of International Law from the Viewpoint of "Sein" Study and "Sollen" Study -according to the case on arguments of legal relations between The Imperial Constitution and The Constitution of Japan-
Heisei Jounal of Law and Political Scence   3(1)    1998

Books etc

Basic Introduction to Public Law
SAITO Hiroshi (Part:Joint Work, Part1, Chap.2, Chap.3, Chap.10, Chap.11, Part3(all chapters))
Yachiyo Shuppan   Apr 2013   
Beyond Boundaries of Air and Space Law(jointly)
Yachiyo-shuppan   2005   
Space Law : Treatces and Materials(jointly)
Maruzen Planet   1999   
The Law of International Relations (jointly)(English)
Maruzen Planet   1997   
The Law of International Relations
Maruzen Planet   1996   

Conference Activities & Talks

Land and National Security from perspective of International Law [Invited]
SAITO Hiroshi
Kempo Gakkai   9 Jun 2018   
LAWS: Use and Security in the International Law [Invited]
SAITO Hiroshi
Association of Japanese Constitutional Law   4 Nov 2017   
Japanese Modernization and the Thought of Kano Jigoro: in Comparison with the Thought of Inoue Enryo [Invited]
SAITO Hiroshi
International Symposium: Ca' Foscari, Univversity of Venice, Department of Asian and North Afrecan Studies   27 Nov 2015   
Kobudo: Traditional and Physical Culture in Japan [Invited]
SAITO Hiroshi
The Commemorative Ceremony of 30 Years' Academic Exchange between the University of Strasberg and Toyo University   Sep 2015   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on International Law of Information
Legal Study on Outer Space Activities
Relationship between International Law and Domestic Law
Study on Pubic International Law for ASEAN