ZHANG Guimin

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ZHANG Guimin
Ehime University
Faculty of Education
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Published Papers

Studies on the Geography of Alcohol: Present State and Issues
57 227-236   2010
Chinese Newcomers Living in Japan from Fuqing City and their Influense to Hometown
Geographical Space   3(1) 1-23   2010
Rural Landscape and Agriculture in Fuqing City, Fujian Province as an Emigrant Area
Bulletin of The Center for Education and Educational Research, The Faculty of Education, Ehime University   (27) 1-11   2009
Correction of the regional inequality and construction of harmony society in China
Research Center for Regional Community Innovation, Ehime UniversityANNALS of the Research Center for Regional Community Innovation, Ehime University   (2) 63-77   2007
Landscape Analysis of land use changes in Beijing, China
The Faculty of Education, Ehime UniversityBulletin of the Faculty of Education, Ehime University   53(1) 195-202   2006
The Association of Japanese GeographersGeographical Review of Japan   75(5) 304-323   2002
The spatio-temporal structure of agricultural land use changes and its driving forces in Beijing metropolitan region, China
Department fo Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan UniversityGeographical Reports of Tokyo Metropolitan University   (36)    2001
Map analysis of land use and cover changes in the northern part of Huabei Plain, China
Geogr. Rep. Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.   (35) 99-112   2000
Land use Changes and their driving force in the BeijinG-Metropolitan area, China
Geographical Reports of Tokyo Metropolitan University   (32) 43-57   1997
The bases of development and characteristics of market gardening in Tokyo metropolis: a case study of Kanahori area of Tomisato Town, Chiba Prefecture
Geographical Reports of Tokyo Metropolitan University   (29) 39-55   1994