WANG Yaxin

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WANG Yaxin
Toyo University
Faculty of Sociology, Department of Sociocultural Studies
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A Study on the Phrase of Noun with "TO" and verb in Japanese
"Collection of the thesis of Japanese Literature" Daito Bunka University Graduate school   (13) 72-82   1989
A Study on the voice of Japanese and Chinese-the meaning of possive voice
"(Kokubungaku) KAISYAKU TO KANSYO" SHIBUNDO   55(1) 129-135   1990
On the Structure "ba" in Chinese
"Education Press" Chinese Institute   (11) 12-21   1991
the Playing words in Chinese
"Japanese Linguisties Press "Meiji Shoin   11(12) 52-61   1992
The Semantic Characteristics of the sentence with noun-predicate-contrast with Chinese
"The Studies on Contrastive Linguistics" The Humanities Institute of Daito Bunka University   (4) 1-40   1994

Books etc

On the difference of passive voice and causative voice in Japanese and Chinese
"Collection of the thesis for the tenth anniversary of the exchange agreement between Peking Foreign Language University and Daito Bunka University   1990   
《日語的句法和意義》(Japanese Syntax and Meaning) the Translation of the work "Japanese Syntax and Meaning"(written by Hideo TERAMURA)
the Pablishing house of Foreign Language teaching and studies   1988   
A Study on the Form Nouns in Japanese
"Collection of Fine Thesis of Peking Normal University" Peking Normal University Press   1982   

Research Grants & Projects

Contrastive Study of Grammar in Chinese and Japanese
Study on translation between Chinese and Japanese