ITO Akira

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ITO Akira
Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences
School of Health and Sport Sciences, Department of Physical Education

Research Areas



Prestretch potentiation of human skeletal muscle during ballistic movement. (共著)
Acta Physiol Scand.   111 135-140   1981
Muscle metabolism, lactate breaking point, and biomechanical features of endurance running. (共著)
Int.J.Sports Medicine   2 148-153   1981
Mechanical work and efficiency of young distance runners during level running. (共著)
Biomechanics (]G0007[)-B(eds. Morecki et al), University Park Press, Baltimore.   234-240   1981
Neuromuscular function and mechanical efficiency of human leg extensor muscles during jumping exercise. (共著)
Acta Physiol Scand   114 543-550   1982
Mechanical efficiency of positive work in running at different speeds. (共著)
Med. Sci. Sports Exerc.   15(4) 299-308   1983

Research Grants & Projects

Joint Torque and Power in Sprinting
Study on Deceleration of Sprint Velocity in 100m Race
Changes in muscle length of leg during sprint running
Relationship between sprintranning movement and velocity
Relationship between javelin throwing movement and performance