OHTA Naoko

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OHTA Naoko
Nihon University Junior College
Junior College(Mishima Campus), Department of Food and Nutrition
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Apr 2008
Professor, Food and Nutrition, Junior College, Nihon University
Apr 2000
Mar 2008
Associate Professor, Food and Nutrition, Junior College, Nihon University
Apr 1996
Mar 2000
Lecturer, Food and Nutrition, Junior College, Nihon University, lecturer
Apr 1988
Mar 1996
Assistant Professor, Home Economics, Education, Naruto University of Education, associate researcher


食物, Faculty of Home Economics, Mukogawa Women's University
生活環境学, Graduate School, Doctral Research Course in Human Culture, Nara Women's University

Awards & Honors

静岡県知事功労表彰, 静岡県知事功労表彰(保健衛生功労), Shizuoka Prefecture
Winner: Naoko Ohta
Nov 2011
The Japan dietetic Association, The Japan dietetic Association, 全国栄養士養成施設協会
Winner: Naoko Ohta

Published Papers

Miho Takahashi, Mayu Suzuki, Tsubasa Kato, Kenji Ogino, Emi Ohtake and Naoko Yuno-Ohta
Journal of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology   65(11) 508-517   Nov 2018   [Refereed]
The formation of mixed protein films using heat-coagulable proteins (commercial whey or soybean protein) and a heat-stable protein (sodium caseinate) was investigated using ultrasound spectroscopy, mechanical measurement, differential scanning cal...
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Tsubasa Kato, Shiho Ashizawa, Yoko Kimura, Nami Maruyama, Takahisa Nishizu
Colloid Polym. Sci.   294 1065-1073   2016   [Refereed]
The effect of ovomucoid on gelation of β-lactoglobulin—as induced by heating and subsequent cooling was investigated using a mixture of 5 % (w/v) ovomucoid/5 % (w/v) β-lactoglobulin and pure β-lactoglobulin solutions (5 and 10 % (w/v)) with subseq...
Kondo S, Hori K, Sasaki-Sekimoto Y, Kobayashi A, Kato T, Yuno-Ohta N,他3名。
Front Plant Sci.   7 952-966   Jun 2016   [Refereed]
Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic analysis revealed that their possible binding mode was distinct from that of A. thaliana. Thus, we presume that K. flaccidum has a hydrophobic layer composed of lipids and proteins, instead of the cutin pol...
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Mari Endo, Motomi Sawaki and Megumi Kishikawa
Journal of The Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology   61(5) 183-191   May 2014   [Refereed]
We investigated the effects of α-casein (α-CN) and sodium caprate (NaC10:0) on the formation of mixed gels with ovalbumin (OVA) using rheological measurement, ultrasound spectroscopy, flourier transform-infrared (FT-IR) analysis and scanning elect...
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Milena Corredig
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces   84 442-446   Jun 2011   [Refereed]
This study indicated that beta-casein aids in the gelation of a beta-lactoglobulin B/sodium caprate mixture, when the concentration of beta-lactoglobulin B is insufficient to allow for gelation. It appears that beta-casein self aggregation is also ...
N. Yuno-Ohta
Colloid Polym. Sci.   287 1487-1491   Oct 2009   [Refereed]
I investigated the effects of cysteine in beta-lactoglobulin interactions using ultrasound spectroscopy, rheological measurements, and differential scanning calorimetry. We concluded that cysteine promotes the polymerization processes of denature...
Naoko Yuno-Ohta*, Mariko Yamada, Masako Inomata, Hiromi Konagai and Tomomi Kataoka
Journal of Food Science   74(6) E285-E290   Jun 2009   [Refereed]
This study results suggest thataddition of a suitable amount of cysteine(0.01M) and heat treatment to 80◦C during gluten geland film formation induces a homogenous network in the gel and film by regulating disulfide–sulfide interactions.
Modification of functional properties of fatty acid salt-induced gel of beta-lactoglobulin by the addition of fish water-soluble protein concentrate
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Noriko Masuda
Journal of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology   55(4) 143-150   2008   [Refereed]
This study suggests that water souluble protein concentrate of fish meat could contribute to fatty acid salt-induced beta-lactogulobulin gel as a texture modeifier.
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Milena Corredig
Biomacromolecules   8(8) 2542-2548   2007   [Refereed]
These study demonstrated that sodium caprate induced the formation of structures with unique gel properties compared to those formed by heating beta-lactoglobulin in the presence of NaCl alone using ultrasound spectroscopy.
Naoko Yuno-ohta
Food Hydrocolloids   20 357-360   2006   [Refereed]
This study suggests that, similar to beta-lactoglobulin gels, sodium caprate-induced OVA gel and heat-induced OVA gel form by similar mechanism, although the sodium caprate-induced gel formationin is accompanied by less marked changes in protein c...
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Katsuo Murata, Mitsuyoshi Miyahara, and Hiroyuki Ohta
Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society   81(3) 225-230   2004   [Refereed]
In this study, we found that transparent gels of β-lactoglobulin (β-LG) were formed by adding different concentrations of sodium caprate to protein solutions at ambient temperature.These results suggest that the formation of sodium caprate-induced...
Characteristics and intermolecular forces in gelation of rice globulin with fatty acid salts
Naoko Yuno-Ohta
Journal of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology   51(6) 281-287   Jun 2004   [Refereed]
The physicochemical properties of rice globulin gel containing fatty acid salts were investigated. The addition of sodium caprate or sodium laurate increased softness, water-holding ability and transparency of the gel. Sodium caprylate also increa...
Formation of Fatty Acid Salt-Induced Gel of Ovalbumin and the Mechanism for Gelation
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Takahisa Higasa, Eizo Tatsumi, Hidetoshi Sakurai, Ryuji Asano, Masaaki Hirose
Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry   46(11) 4518-4523   1998   [Refereed]
The mechanism for formation of sodium caprate induced OVA gel was investigated using dynamic viscoelastic measurement, electron microscopy (SEM and TEM), CD spectra.
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Hiroko Toryu, Takahiko Higasa, Hideo Maeda, Mitsuko Okada, Hiroyuki Ohta
Journal of Food Science   61 906-910&920   1996   [Refereed]
The physicochemical properties of heat‐induced ovalbumin (OVA) gels containing fatty acid salts (FAS) were investigated. Water‐holding ability and transparency markedly increased in the presence of sodium caprate or sodium laurate. At 9% of the pr...
Rheological properties and the aplication of sesame protein
Naoko Yuno-Ohta
食の科学(株)光琳   (11) 49   1996
This review stated about gel properties, foaming activity and stability,emulsifying properties of sesame 13S globulin in comparing with those of soybean globulins.
Naoko Yuno-Ohta,Hideo Maeda, Mitsuko Okada, Hiroyuki Ohta
Journal of Food Science   59(2) 366-370   1994   [Refereed]
The hardness and water‐holding ability of rice globulin gels were intermediate between those of gels of soybean and sesame globulins. Scanning electron micrographs showed that rice globulin gel had a rough network structure composed of small globu...
Relationship between the functional properties and microstructure of food protein gel: Effects of fatty acid salts
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Hiroyuki Ohta, Hideo Maeda, Mitsuko Okada, Kiyozo Hasegawa
Food Hydrocolloids: Structure, Properties and FunctionsEdited by K. Nishinari and E. Doi   371-374   1994
The effects of fatty acid salts (FAS)with various carbon chains length on heat-induced gel of sesame 13S globulin and rice globulin were investigated. This proceeding suggested that the addition of suilable amount of FAS and ionic fatty acid deriv...
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Hideo Maeda, Mitsuko Okada, Kiyozo Hasegaawa
Journal of Food Science   57(1) 86-90   1992   [Refereed]
The physicochemical properties of sesame 13S globulin gels containing fatty acid salts (FAS) were investigated. The softness, water‐holding ability and transparency of the gels markedly increased in the presence of sodium oleate (NaCl18:1) or sodi...
Effect of microwave cooking on the texture of glutinous rice-cakes
Naoko Ohta, Fumiyo Iuchi, Etsuko Taki, Hideo Maeda and Mitsuko Okada
Journal of Cookery Science of Japan   25(2) 104-109   1992   [Refereed]
Physicochemical properties, digestibility and microstructure of glutinous rice-cakes cooked by microwave irradiation were compared with those by the oven to investigate the effect of microwave cooking on the texture of foods.1) The cohesiveness, ...
Emulsifying properties of native and citraconylated sesame 13S globulins
Naoko Yuno, Teruyoshi Matoba and Kiyozo Hasegawa
Agric. Biol. Chem.   52(3) 685-692   1988   [Refereed]
The emulsifying activity of native and citraconylated globulins in sesame (13S) and soybean (7S and US) seeds was examined. Native 13S showed intermediate emulsifying activity between those of native 7S and 1 IS. The emulsifying activity and stabi...


Effect of fish water soluble protein concentrate on the formation of fatty acid salt-induced gel of ovalbumin
Naoko Yuno-Ohta
Bull. Soc. Sea Water Sci., Japn   69(1) 49-52   2015
This review introduced that utility value of water solublu protein from fish for the formation of a mixed protein gel using ovalbumin
魚肉水溶性タンパク質(Water soluble protein from fish)
Naoko Yuno-Ohta
Journal of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology   56(11) 605-606   2009   [Invited]
This review stated food functionality of water solubule protein from fish.
食品用乳化剤を用いた未利用食品タンパク質の高機能化ー常温下でのゲル形成能の探索とその機構解析ー(Improvement for functional properties of food protein using food emulsifier)
Naoko Yuno-Ohta
The San-Ei Gen Foundation for Food Chemical Reserach Annual Report No.8 (2002)   101-105   2002
We investigated on the effect of commercial food additives to the gel formation of sesame 13S globulin and beta-lactogloulin. The results showed that adition of carrot powder induced the formation of beta-lactoglobulin gel with softer and higher ...
卵白アルブミンに脂肪酸塩を添加しただけでなぜゲル化するのか-その機構と応用的側面-(Why ovalbumin forms a gel only by the addition of fatty acid salts-the mechanism and aplication)
Naoko Yuno-Ohta
Salt Science Annual Research Report   325-335   2000
The review introduced the formation and the mechanim for fatty-acid salt induced egg albulin.
Formation of fatty acid salts-induced gel of ovalbumin
Naoko Yuno-Ohta
Report of The Skylark Food Science Institute No.6   (6) 1-7   1997

Books etc

―ゴマタンパク質の特性を活かした新規ゲルの創出ににむけて(―Producing of sesame protein gel with novel texture)
Ryo Tashiro, Naoko Yuno-Ohta and others (Part:Joint Work)
Japan Sociey of Sesame   Oct 2015   
This section is a review about the physico-chemical properties of sesame 13S globulin.
Functionality and Science of Sesame
Naoko Yuno-Ohta (Naoko Ohta) (Part:Joint Work, 5.2.2 Sesame protein and the property)
Asakura   Jan 2015   
This section is stated about the purification, subunit structure, rheological properties of sesame 13S globulin and improving of gel properties.
ゲルの安定化と機能性付与・次世代への応用開発(Gel and the improving gel property)
Naoko Yuno-Ohta (Naoko Ohta)
Technical Information association   Dec 2013   
This section introduced about the utilization of ultrasound spectroscopy for studying of gelation of food protein.
ゴマその科学と機能性 3、2、3ゴマタンパク質の物性と利用(3.2.3. Rheological properties and the utilization of sesame protein In "Science and functionality of Sesame")
Naoko Yuno-Ohta (Naoko Ohta) (Part:Joint Work, 3.2.3. Rheological properties and the utilization of sesame protein)
Maruzen Planet Co.   1998   
The section is reviewd about the chemical and physico-chemical properties and the food functionality of sesame 13S globulin and the future possibility as food materials.

Conference Activities & Talks

Concentration dependency of aqueous ethanol pre-treatment for gelation of milk whey protein -Ultrasonic and rheological analysis-
Naoko Yuno-Ohta
ECIS 2018(European colloids and Interface Society)   4 Sep 2018   ECIS(European colloids and Interface Society)
This presentation stated about the mechanism for the changes in rheological properties of milk whey protein by the pre-treatment with aqueous ethanol.
乳タンパク質のゲル化に及ぼすアルコール水溶液前処理の効果 (Characterization for the milk protein gel with pre-treatment using aqueous alcohol)
Naoko Yuno-Ohta
65th Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kai   23 Aug 2018   第65回 日本食品科学工学会
Ultrasonic analysis of the gelation of milk protein pre-treated with aqueous alcohol
N. Yuno-Ohta
3rd Food Structure and Functionality Forum Symposium   2 Jun 2018   
This presentation introduced about the changes of the ultrasonic and rheological properties of milk whey protein by aqueous ethanol pre-treatment.
カゼインナトリウム添加が乳清及び大豆たんぱく質フィルムの形成性に及ぼす効果について(Effect of sodium caseinate on the formation of the mixed protein film using protein with different heat stability)
Miho Takahashi, Mayu Suzuki, Naoko Yuno-Ohta
64th Nippon Shokuhin Kagaku Kogaku Kai   30 Aug 2017   The Japanese Society of Food Science and Technology
This presentation stated that the mixed protein films consisted from milk whey or soy globulin with sodium caseinate have a higher mechanical property than those of without sodium caseinate.
Formation and the mechanism of flexible film based on a mixed protein gel using dried egg white and sodium caseinate
Naoko Yuno-Ohta, Mayu Suzuki, Miho Takahashi, Tsubasa Kato, Naoko Ohtsuki and Kenji Ogino
IFT 17 (Institute of Food Technologists)   26 Jun 2017   
This presentation introduced the properties of mixed protein film from dried egg protein and milk casein.

Research Grants & Projects

Effect of ethnaol pretrated milk whey for gel and film formation of dried egg white.
Project Year: 2018 - 2018
Film properties of casein mixed proteins-analysis using ultrasound spectoroscopy-
日本学術振興会: 科学研究費助成事業
Project Year: 2016 - 2018
Interaction of various dried egg white and beta-lactoglobulin
Kewpy Co.: 
Project Year: 2015 - 2015
Analysis for the gel and film formation of egg and milk protein using ultrasound spectroscopy
日本学術振興会: 科学研究費助成事業
Project Year: 2013 - 2015
Mechanism for self assembly and gel formation of milk protein using ulatrasound spectroscopy
日本学術振興会: 科学研究費助成事業
Project Year: 2010 - 2012


特開2016-166339 : タンパク質シート及びタンパク質シートの製造方法 (優先権出願)(Preparation for protein sheet and the manufacturing method)(priority application)
Naoko Ohta(Naoko Yuno-Ohta), Kenji Ogino, Miho Takahasni
特願2015-042869 : タンパク質シート及びタンパク質シートの製造方法(Production technique of sheets from protein and the manufacturing method)
Naoko Ohta (Naoko Yuno-Ohta), Kenji Ogino
This apprecation introduced how to produce mixed protein sheet

Social Contribution

[Organizing Member]  Apr 2004
[Editor]  Apr 2003
[Others]  1994