Masayuki Shimizu

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Masayuki Shimizu
Seigakuin University
人文学部 日本文化学科
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Seigakuin University
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Apr 1967
Apr 1971
Ethics, Faculty of Literature, The University of Tokyo
Apr 1973
Apr 1977
Ethies, Graduate School, Division of Humanities, The University of Tokyo


Bioethics in Japan
Masayuki Shimizu
Educatoion and medizine   50(11) 11   Apr 2002
Technolgy and Ethics
Masayuki Shimizu
Proceedings of the 50th Conference (JAPAN Association of Ethics)   46   Apr 1999
Thoughts and mind
Masayuki Shimizu
Spiritual Nourishment   13   Apr 1999
An Aspect of Life and Death in Japan
Masayuki Shimizu
Annals of Existential Thonght No. XIII   2(5) 89   Apr 1998
The Interpretation of "Ie"-the original Type of Family in Watsuji's ethics.
Masayuki Shimizu
Annals of Ethics   (46) 257   Apr 1997

Books etc

Etapes normatives de la pensee japonese moderne
Masayuki Shimizu
Surugadai-shuppannsha   Apr 2002   
Who is responsible, an individual or a group?
Masayuki Shimizu
Moral Aporia   Apr 1998   
About "Soul" in japanese history of ideas
Masayuki Shimizu
Research for Soul   Apr 1995   

Research Grants & Projects

The Formation of Study of Japanese Thought and its aspect of modern knowledge
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Project Year: Jan 2005 - Mar 2008