KANEDA Hiromitsu

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KANEDA Hiromitsu
Job title
Professor,Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., M.A.

Research Areas



Faculty of Economics, アーモスト大学


Economic Implications of the Green Revolution and the Strategy of Agricultural Development in West Pakistan
Pakistan Development Review   9(2) 33   1969
"Specification of Production Functions for Analyzing Technical Change and Factor Inputs in Agricultural Development, " Journal of Development Economics
11(1) 97-108   1982
Substitution of Labor and Non-labor Inputs and Technical Change
Review of Economics and Statistics   67(2) 9   1965
Regional Patterns of Technical Change in the U. S. Agriculture, 1950-1963
Journal of Farm Economics   49(1) 14   1967
Long-Term Changes in Food Consumption Patterns in Japan
Stanford Food Research Institute Studies   8(1) 33   1968

Books etc

Agriculture and Economic Growth : Japan's Expericnce
University of Tokyo Press   1969   
Productivity Trends in Agriculture
University of Hawaii Press   1979   
The Modern American Economy
Nihon Keizai Hyoron-sha   1989   
Growth and Inequality in Pakistan
MacMillan, St. Martin's Press   1972   
The Balance Botween Industry and Agriculture in Economic Development
St. Martin's Press   1989   

Research Grants & Projects

Political Economy of the policy for the aged in the U. S. and Japan
Investment in Human Capital and Income Distribution in LDCs
US and Japanese Responses to the East Asian Currency Crisis