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Fukuoka University
Faculty of Commerce, Department of Business Management
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Research Areas

  • Management / Management / Small and medium‐sized enterprises


経営学, Faculty of Economics, Sophia University
経営組織論, Graduate School, Division of Economics, Sophia University

Published Papers

The Transitional State of Corporate Management and Trends of the Theory of ‘Business and Society’
Kigyou-Shindan   57(3) 87-91   Mar 2010
Social Management Theory Introduction: Basic Point of View, Thought Process and Method of Social Management Theory
Kigyou-Shindan   55(5) 128-134   May 2008
The New Wave of CSR Strategy: Potential of Social Enterprises
Fukuoka University Review of Commercial Sciences   52(3・4) 369-390   Mar 2008
Strategic Human Resources Management as a Part of CSR Strategy
Fukuoka University Review of Commercial Sciences   51(4) 387-408   Mar 2007
Reflections on Resource Development Strategy
Fukuoka University Review of Commercial Sciences   49(3・4) 463-493   Mar 2005


Strategies of Career Formation Support in Private University
Career Formation Support that makes the Best Use of Originality of Private University   35-39   Feb 2009
Report of Career Support Research Subcommittee, Student Committee of the Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges
Development of Career Education with ‘Creation of Value’
University Education and Career Education: What is the Education that response to the Needs of the Society?      Dec 2006
Report of Job Committee of the Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges
5-8   Jun 2006
Software Maintenance Trends in Relation to Fukuoka as an International City
Research on the International Exchange of Fukuoka   90-112   Mar 1993
Trend of Direct Investment to Asian Region of Fukuoka Local Enterprises
Research on International Exchange of Fukuoka   31-59   Mar 1993
Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Center (formerly Fukuoka Urban Research Center)

Books etc

松野弘他監訳『企業と社会―― 企業戦略・公共政策・倫理―― (下巻)』
ミネルヴァ書房   Mar 2012   
Hyperculture: the Human Cost of Speed
Minerva-syobou   Apr 2010   ISBN:9784623055968
Small and Medium-sized Enterprises that seize Opportunities: Learning Leadership through Cases
Soseisya   Apr 2010   ISBN:978-4-7944-5038-8
Business Theory of “Revolutionary Ideas”: Strength through Ideas and Cooperation
Doyukan   Mar 2010   ISBN:9784496046353
Frontline Excellence in Growing Enterprises
Soseisya   Apr 2006   ISBN:4794422245

Conference Activities & Talks

合力 知工
2010年度日本学生経営学会秋季全国大会 福岡大学   4 Dec 2010   
‘Revolutionary Ideas' change business.
Contribution symposium   20 Nov 2010   
We will aim at the achievement of not a hopeless society but a hopeful society.
Symposium for Citizens Thinking About the 21st Century, Fukuoka Women's Association Pavilion, Fukuoka, Japan   23 May 2010   
Workshop concerning Sociality of Enterprises, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan   29 Jun 2009   
Corporate Social Responsibility for employment
Symposium for Citizens Thinking About the 21st Century, Fukuoka Women's Association Pavilion, Fukuoka, Japan   22 Mar 2009   


The Information Flow Revolution: Multiple Real & Virtual Marketplaces, in: The NishiNippon Shimbun, May 23, 2009
The Others   May 2009
The Symbiosis Economy begins: The Path to Surviving Worldwide Panic, in: The Nishinippon Shimbun, April 18, 2009
The Others   Apr 2009
‘Annual Ring Management’ without Lay-offs, in: The Nishinippon Shimbun, March 28, 2009
The Others   Mar 2009
Big Enterprises that are chosen and those that are thrown away, in: The Nishinippon Shimbun, February 21, 2009
The Others   Feb 2009
Women who strive, in: The Nishinippon Shimbun, January 17, 2009
The Others   Jan 2009