KOHNO Hirotada

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KOHNO Hirotada
Master Degree of Economics(The University of Tokyo)

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Yokohama National University, Associate
Professor (Faculty of Business Administration)
(full-time Lecturer,1971)
University of Tsukuba, Professor
(Institute of Socio-Economic Planning)


Theoretical Economics, Graduate School, Division of Economics, The University of Tokyo
Theoretical Economics, Graduate School, Division of Economics, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Economics, Kagawa University


Optimal Allocation of Public Investment using Inter-Regional Input-Output Programming Model
The Journal of Economics(Quartely)   41(1) 61-82   1975
To What Direction Should We Orient the Japanese Agriculture? : Survey and Personal View (]G0001[) 〜A Prescription Toward the Market-Economy Oriented and International Competitive Power-holding Agriculture〜
Studies in Regional Science   19 65-107   1983
Quantitative Prescription for Marketization and Global Internationalization of Japanese Agriculture -Using a Mixed-Integer Dynamic Optimal Programming Model-
Stuides in Regional Science   20(1) 81-115   1990
Regional Development Effects of Public Investment
Studies in Regional Science   13 57-81   1983
The Optimal Control of Exhaustible Resources and Pollution
PAPERS of the Regional Science Association   51 117-140   1983

Books etc

Indirect Economic Effects of Transport Investment : An Introduction
Potentials and Bottlenecks in Spatial Development 〜Festschrift in Honor of Yasuhiko Oishi〜 Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 352pp.   1993   
Transport and Land Use~Modern Classics in Regional Science Vol. 2~edited by J. Berechman, Hirotada Kohno, K. J. Button and P. Nijkamp
Edward Elgar Publishing Limited   1996   
"Dynamic Appraisal of the Asian Expressway Network benefits on China -Dynamic take-off Accelerating Effects of a Continental Expressway-(共著)
Regional Science : Perspecitives for the Future edited by Manas Chatterji, Macmillan Press LTD   1997   
Public Investment Criteria for a Comprehensive Transport System Using an Interregional Input-Output Programming Model
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What should Japanese Agriculture be? (]G0002[) : Simulation of Agricultural Management Program to Dynamic Development for Small Rural Village
Policy Formulation for Industrial・Financial Reorganization
Optimal Structuring of 'Regions' in the 21st
1998 - 2000

Research Grants & Projects

Optimal Structuring of Rural Regions in the 21st
Project Year: 1999 - 2005
Recent International Finance and the Formation of Japan-U.S. Economic Policy
Indirect Economic Effects
Optimal Structuring of Rural Regions in the 21st
Global Reorganization of Industries & Financial Institutions caused by the IT Innovation