SUZUKI Takeshi

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SUZUKI Takeshi
Kindai University
Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture
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Graduate School, Division of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo

Published Papers

Muhammad Yusri Lukman, SUZUKI Takeshi, KITA Michihiro, YOSHIZUMI Yuko, MATSUBARA Shigeki
J. Archit. Plann.   80(713) 1513-1521   2015
 This paper aims to analyze the variations in bale-bales : Endai-like street furniture found on the islands of Makassar, Indonesia. The findings from fieldwork, mapping, observations and interviews, are as follows:<br> (1) The basic characteristic...
Muhammad Yusri Lukman, SUZUKI Takeshi, KITA Michihiro, YOSHIZUMI Yuko, MATSUBARA Shigeki
J. Archit. Plann.   80(711) 999-1008   2015
 This paper aims to analyze gathering styles characteristic of Indonesian culture. From fieldwork and the completed questionnaires of 30 Indonesian students and their families living in Japan, we found the following;<br> 1) The families of Indones...
J. Archit. Plann.   79(697) 607-616   2014
The purpose of this study is to investigate the hospital birth centers. The findings are as follows :<br>1) Many are modification or the existing construction. 2) 90 percent or more of users are satisfied. 3) The hospital birth centers are divided...
SUZUKI Takeshi, OHTA Hirokazu, TANAKA Yasuhiro, MATSUBARA Shigeki
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design   19(41) 261-264   2013
Many modern planned residential area, especially new town do not have original souvenir and picture postcard which support identity of community. From 2002, we developed the 850 picture postcards which express the attractive scenery and history of...
RADJA Abdul Mufti, SUZUKI Takeshi, YOSHIZUMI Yuko, KOUSAKA Mariko, YAMAUCHI Kiyoshi, YAMAMOTO Aoi, MATSUBARA Shigeki, OKU Toshinobu
J. Archit. Plann.   77(675) 979-986   2012
This paper analyzes an environment sharing system from a field survey of 225 Bale bales (Endai-like furniture) in Lae Lae isle, Makassar, Indonesia. Bale bales are owned by individuals and used by entire households. However, 1) Ba...


Study on New Place Making by Books
SUZUKI Takeshi
MERA Journal   21(1) 6-6   Sep 2018
松原茂樹, 大原一興, 鈴木毅, 森一彦
地域施設計画研究   34 97‐102   Jul 2016
Understanding people-environment relations richly
SUZUKI Takeshi
MERA Journal   18(2) 25-26   Mar 2016
Study on Relationship and Network of Machi Library
Chiaki Furuya, SUZUKI Takeshi
MERA Journal   18(1) 30-30   Jan 2015
井上舞, 鈴木毅, 松原茂樹, 木多道宏
日本建築学会大会学術講演梗概集・建築デザイン発表梗概集(CD-ROM)   2014 ROMBUNNO.5296   Jul 2014

Books etc

Mode of Being in Places : A Case Study in Urban Public Space
Hondbook of Japan-United States Environment-Behavior Research : Towards a Transactional Approach, Plenum Press(共著)   1997   

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Environmental Design from the View Point of 'Ikata : Mode of Being in Places
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