TADA Mikiro

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TADA Mikiro
Former Institution / Organization Okayama University The Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology

Research Areas



Agriculture Chemistry, Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University


Effect of γ-Radiation on Carotenoid Production in Yeast Rhodotorula
Food Irradiation, Japan   1 63   1966
Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Wheat Bran
Food Irradiation, Japan   2 113   1967
Physico-chemical Properties of Syloid and the Effect of its Addition on Pulverized Food
Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture Okayama University   33 57   1969
The Effect of Gamma Irradiation and Storage on the Content of Sugar in the Onion Bulb
Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture Okayama University   33 71   1969
The Effect of Gamma Irradiation on the Plant Pigments
Food Irradiation, Japan   4 63   1970

Books etc

Food Processing(Food Science, Series4)
Kyoritsu-Syuppan Co. Ltd.   1975   
Handbook of Food Science
Kyoritsu-Syuppan Co. Ltd.   1978   
Methods for Investigating Photoregulated Carotenogenesis
Methods in Enzymology(Academic Press)   1993   

Research Grants & Projects

Foodchemical studies on plant pigments.
Project Year: 1970 - 2003
Pasteurization of natural food additive by ionizing rediation.
Project Year: 1995 - 2003
Mechanism of photoregulated isoprenoid metabolism in yeasts.
Project Year: 1978 - 2001
Food Irradiation