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Job title
Professor Emeritus, Okayama University
Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)(University of Tsukuba)


At the graduate school, I studied human geography in Tsukuba University (Sakura village (mura) in Ibaraki pref., now Tsukuba city). For 15 years at Tottori Univ. I had been in charge of education such as “human geography”, “map studies” and “regional geography”. After relocation to Okayama Univ., I had educated the classes such as “environment and geography”, “regional landscape”, “landscape management” and “geography on regional landscape” for 21 years. I conducted some research activities as constantly as possible. Currently I am unemployed and independent, however, I live almost freely in good health, with few time constraints.

Research Areas


Committee Memberships

Jul 2015
Jun 2017
Society for Systematic Regional Geography  President
Jul 2014
Jun 2015
The society for systematic regional geography  Vice president of the section of Seto Inland (Setouchi) geography
The Association of Japanese Geographers ( Nippon Chiri-Gakkai )  Regular Member
Japan Association on Geographical Space  councilor
Jul 1991
Mar 1992
The Study Group on Nature Conservation in Tottori Prefecture  Committee Membership


Book Review; Hideo HANABE ed. (2018): "Geo-Park and Folk Tale (in Japanese)", 200p, Miyai bookseller's in Tokyo
Chiri (Geography)   64(1) 107-107   Jan 2019
Book review; Y. Nakatou "Strategy for Regeneration of Depopulated Areas. Revised edition - from regional creation to regional regeneration - (in Japanese, Electronic journal version only)"
Journal of Systematic Regional Geography (Chiiki-Chiri-Kenkyu)   24(1) 19-21   Sep 2018
An Analysis of Land-Use in Okayama Prefecture in terms of Industrial Crops
Fumikazu, ICHIMINAMI, Meltem Okur DİNÇSOY and Enver Erdinç DİNÇSOY
Journal of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology, Okayama University   23(1) 49-79   Mar 2018
A Transitional Analysis on the Production of Cereals, Beans and Potatoes in Okayama Prefecture
Enver Erdinç DİNÇSOY, Fumikazu, ICHIMINAMI and Meltem Okur DİNÇSOY
Journal of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology, Okayama University   23(1) 23-48   Mar 2018
The Long Term Change of Agricultural Production in Okayama Prefecture in terms of Rice, Wheat and Barley
Meltem Okur DİNÇSOY, Enver Erdinç DİNÇSOY and Fumikazu, ICHIMINAMI
Journal of the Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology, Okayama University   23(1) 1-21   Mar 2018

Books etc

Regional Geography in Japan, Chugoku and Shikoku Districts, Vol. 9 ( in Japanese )
Ed. by H. Morikawa, S. Shinohara and T. Okuno (Part:Contributor, Farming in Tottori plain, Agricultural development in Yonago plain, Iron making with charcoal, Main cities (Yonago and Sakaiminato) and Tsuyama basin)
Asakura Shoten in Tokyo   2005   ISBN:4-254-16769-5
The hundred years in Chugoku and Shikoku districts from the point of view of geography ( in Japanese )
ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu (Part:Contributor, Yonago city, Sakaiminato city)
Kokon-shoin   May 1999   
Visual ver. Re-descovering Japan 31 Tottori prefecture ( in Japanese )
Y. Toyoshima, F. Ichiminami, T. Matsuda and M. Yonezawa (Part:Joint Work)
Douhousya Publ.   1997   
Dictionary of Human Geography ( in Japanese )
S. Yamamoto, T. Okuno, H. Ishii and A. Tezuka ed. (Part:Contributor, Trend surface analysis, Law of diminishing returns, Sinclair ring, Right crop for right land, Degree of agricultural intensity and Agricultural location theory, etc.)
Asakura-shoten Publ. (Tokyo)   1997   ISBN:4-254-16336-3
Outstanding Nature in Tottori Prefecture The land - Its form and formation ( in Japanese )
ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu (Part:Contributor, Awa-shima, Mihira-yama, Hanami-yama)
Tottori Prefecture   Mar 1993   

Conference Activities & Talks

Transmutation of Japanese pear cultivation in Tottori prefecture
The 2017 spring meeting of the association of Japanese Geographers at the university of Tsukuba   Mar 2017   
Agriculture and forestry management and production, processing and marketing of glutinous rice in Shinjo-son, Okayama prefecture
Fumikazu ICHIMINAMI and Ayaka FUKAI
The 2015 annual meeting of the society for systematic regional geography   28 Jun 2015   
Changing management of eggplant cultivation in greenhouse in the southern part of Okayama prefecture, Japan
The annual meeting of the Rissho geographical society in 2014   Jun 2014   
Maintenance of preserved trees and natural environment in the central part of Himeji city in terms of the viewpoint of citizen (in Japanese)
ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu and NOGUCHI Yukiko
The 60th Annual Meeting of Urbanology in Japan   27 Oct 2013   
Transition of Non-cultivated Arable Land in Japan
The 2013 Spring Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers   29 Mar 2013   


Tango peninsula and Fukuchiyama basin in Kyoto prefecture
ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu et al.   The Others   Jun 1993 - Sep 1993
Tango peninsula and Fukuchiyama basin in Kyoto prefecture. Fukuchiyama basin and the terrain of the Tango Peninsula. River terrace. Coastal terraces. Pot holes (Goshiki-hama and Kobama in Kyo-tango city). Volcanic terrain. Radioactivity measurements.
Toyooka basin and Kannabe volcano in the northen part of Hyogo prefecture
ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu et al.   The Others   Jun 1990 - Sep 1990
Toyooka basin and Kannabe volcano. Climate of Toyooka basin, Flooding of Maruyama river and its tributaries, Terrain and geology, Earthquakes and active faults, The terrain of Toyooka basin, The distribution of radioactivity, The movement of grave...
Kannabe volcano
ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu et al.   The Others   Jun 1989 - Sep 1989
Kannabe volcano in the northern part of Hyogo prefecture. Lava of Kannabe volcanoes, The amount of erosion due to the river, The amount of river flow, The measurement of gravel, Radioactivity,
Landform of Kannabe volcano
ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu et al.   The Others   Jun 1987 - Sep 1987
The terrain of Kannabe volcano The distribution of altitude above sea level, Longitudinal section and the cross-section along the valley, The distribution of terrain surface and its description, On the waterfalls along Inaba river (Isamu TANIMOTO)...
Research trip in Formosa (Taiwan)
ICHIMINAMI Fumikazu et al.   The Others   Dec 1983 - Dec 1983
Coastal landform in Keelung and its environs, Palace Museum in Taipei, Ethnic minority; Tayar in Wulai, Rural areas such as T‘aoyuan and Miaoli, T’aichung, Tiong Hing Sin Tshun( Zhong Xing Xin Cun), Sun Moon Lake, T’ainan and Kaohsiung (Kaohiung)