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渡辺 昭一
国際武器移転史 : The journal of Research Institute for the History of Global Arms Transfer   (5) 59-83   Jan 2018
渡辺 昭一
ヨーロッパ文化史研究 = The study of the history of European culture   (18) 1-32   Mar 2017
SOCIO-ECONOMIC HISTORY   81(3) 301-301   2015
After WWII, Great Britain strove to support the new nations in South and Southeast Asia through the Colombo Plan, while also strengthening ties with its former colonies through the Commonwealth System. Meanwhile the newly independent Asian countri...
SOCIO-ECONOMIC HISTORY   81(3) 303-321   2015
The Government of India launched its First Five Year Plan in 1951 through the Colombo Plan. However, by 1957, the sterling reserves of India, which played a central financial role in the Colombo Plan, had sharply declined. The World Bank, working ...
渡辺 昭一
ヨーロッパ文化史研究   (13) 45-88   Mar 2012
渡辺 昭一
The Study of the history of European culture   (11) 295-319   Mar 2010
SOCIO-ECONOMIC HISTORY   65(4) 413-436,497   1999
Significant changes occurred in British policy towards Indian railways after World War I. Of first importance is the special nature of British investment in the railways. As the capital of the railways was invested in India through the accounts of...


Masayuki Hamada ed. 『The Formation of the Twentieth Century's World
Tohoku Historical Journal   (82) 121-128   1994
The Development of the Investment Policy for the Indian Railways at the beginning of the twentieth Century
The Study of Occidental History   22 57-82   1993
The British Investment in Indian Railways and the Financial Market of London under the Old Guanteed System
Tohoku Historical Journal   (69) 60-86
The Policy of the British Government to invest in the Indian Railways in the middle of the 19th Century
The Journal of Agrarian History   (106) 1-19   1985
The Old Guarantee System and its Character in Indian Railways
The Study of Occidental History   (11) 44-64   1982
The British Policy Shift of Constructing and managing the Indian Railways after the World War I
The Development of the Policy of the Investment in the Indian Railway in the first decade of the twentieth Century
The Economic Reestablishment of British Empire and the Development of the Investment Policy of the Indian Railways after World War I
The Report of the Basic Study(C)(2)      1998
The changing Process of the British Policy of the Indian Railways and the Indian Nationalism after World War I
The First World War and the Change of Brieish Policy on the Indian Railways
The Tohoku-Gakuin University Review History and Geography   (31) 27-70   1999
Historical Studies in Japan 1998 South Asia. Modern. Contemporary
Shigaku-zashi   108(5) 290-294   1999
Changes in British Policy towards Indian Railways and Indian Nationalism after World War (]G0001[)
Socio-Economic History   65(4) 37-60   1999
The Advance of Indian Railway Companies during the Rule of East India Company
The Tohoku Gakuin University Review (History and Geography)   (33)    2000
The Plan of Railway Network in the Southern Areas of India in the mid-nineteenth Century
The Report of International Academic Study      2000
The Introduction of Indian Railways into the Southern India in the Nineteen Century
Kanji Kuwahara, The Historical Analysis of British Tariff Reform Movement
Seiyoshigaku   (197) 76-80   2000
Kazuto Yamamoto, The formation of World Order after the World War (]G0002[)
The Study of Occidental History   (29) 172-180   2000
The Crisis of Indian Finance and the Problem of the re-introduction of the British Railway Companies in the late 19th Century
Quarterly Review South Asia   3(3) 75-76   2001

Books etc

The Transformation of the International Order of Asia in 1950s and 1960s (the Proceeding of 1950-1960)
WATANABE Shoichi (Part:Editor)
亞州國際秩序学術研討会   Dec 2008   
The First World War and System of Versailles
The Selling of the Indian Council Securities under the Indian Gold Erchange Standard before the World War I.
The Nations and Societies of the Occidental Modern World   1994   
Indian Gold Exchange Standard and India office balances
The British Capitalism and the World of Imperialism   1990   


The Historical Study regarding to the Social and Economic Changes of the arears of South India. Tamil Nadu.
The Study of the Development of the Reformaion and its Historical Phase in the Europe

Research Grants & Projects

Study on History of British Empire
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: 2002 - 2005
Study on Construction of Indian Railways
Project Year: 1975   
Reseach on the Role of Railway in the leuelipmeat of Natinal Ecoruzy