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Research Areas



Mar 1996
Graduate School, Division of Letters, Sophia University

Committee Memberships

May 2017
Chair, Equal Opportunities for Women & Men in STEM Education, Gender Summit 10

Published Papers

モノグラフ高校生'93, vol.38   30-40   Jul 1993
99東京女性財団自主研究助成実績報告書      Apr 2000
First- Generation Students in Japanese University
Kawano Ginko
Bulletein of YAMAGATA UNIVERSITY (EDUCATIONAL SCIENCE)   13(2) 33-49   Feb 2003   [Refereed]
Gender Differences in Approaches to Science Education and Background in Japanese Junior High School Students
河野 銀子
JAPANESE SOCIETY   6    Apr 2003
Symposium in 2002 Conference - Gender Baiases in Science Education and Learning
Kawano Ginko
Japanese Journal of International Society of Gender Studies   (1) 69-77   Apr 2003

Books etc

河野 銀子,栗田宣義編 (Part:Joint Work)
Mar 1999   
河野 銀子,庄司洋子・藤村正之他編 (Part:Joint Work)
May 1999   
村松泰子編 『理科離れしているのは誰か-全国中学生調査のジェンダー分析』
河野 銀子 (Part:Joint Work, 「理科離れはほんとうか」pp.13-36.「理科好きの女子・男子を増やすために」 pp.176-192.)
日本評論社   Apr 2004   
荒井克弘・橋本昭彦編 『高校と大学の接続』
河野 銀子 (Part:Joint Work, 高校教育修了資格のゆくえ―オレゴン州のCIM・CAMの動向(8章)pp.189-206)
玉川大学出版会   Apr 2005   
Career and Lifestyle of Japanese Academic Profession with Cities and Local Communities: Based on a Survey on Life of University Teachers
Research Institute for Higher Education, Hiroshima University   Mar 2008   ISBN:978-4-902808-39-1

Conference Activities & Talks

Gender Differences in Science Learning of Japanese Junior High School Students: A Two Year Study
Takahira Sayuri,Nakazawa Chie,Kawano Ginko,Muramatsu Yasuko,Takahashi Michiko,Fujiwara Chika,Ikegami Toru
American Educational Research Association, Annual Meeting   Apr 2001   American Educational Research Association
Leaky Pipeline: Why do Women Keep Disappearing from the Science and Technology Worker Supply Pipeline? [Invited]
Kawano Ginko
Women in Science and Technology: A Forgotten Potential Intellect   Apr 2004   United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS)
The Scarcity of Women in the Sciences: Career Choice of Japanese Female High School Students
Kawano Ginko
British Educational Research Association Conference   Sep 2006   British Educational Research Association
‘Choice and Confusion’ of High School girls in Japan: Focus on Choosing the Humanities or Sciences
Kawano Ginko
Society for Social Studies of Science, Annual Meeting   Aug 2010   Society for Social Studies of Science
Science for Junior high school girls in Japan
東アジアにおける「女性と科学/技術」   30 Jan 2012   KAKIUCHI award presented by JSSTS

Research Grants & Projects

Choosing The Humanities or Sciences
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2011
Choosing The Humanities or Sciences in High school
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2011 - Mar 2013
Expanding Female Students' Career Choices in the STEM Fields through a New Model of Articulation from High School to College - A Four -country Comparison
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2022
An Investigation of Female Teachers in Public High School Managerial Positions
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
Project Year: Apr 2011 - Mar 2014
Gender Differences in Science Learning of Japanese School
Project Year: Apr 1999 - Mar 2002