ADACHI Yoshihiro

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ADACHI Yoshihiro
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Agriculture, Division of Natural Resource Economics
Doctor of Agriculture(Kyoto University)

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Graduate School, Division of Agriculture, Kyoto University
Faculty of Agriculture, Kyoto University

Published Papers

A History of the Kamikita Pilot Farm Settlement from 1956 to 1985: Interviews with Early Sttlers in the Aomori Prefecture
ADACHI Yoshihiro
The natural Resource Economics Review   (24) 19-64   Mar 2019
The Historical Review of “TPP and Agriculture”―Two Topics: Agricultural Development of the New World and the Postwar Hokkaido Dairy Farming
ADACHI Yoshihiro
Journal of Japanese SCientists   52(3) 18-23   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
"Silent" Agricultural Revolution in Rural West Germany (1945-1973. A Review of Recent Studies on German Agricultural History
ADACHI Yoshihiro
The natural Resource Economics Review   (21) 73-98   Mar 2016
The Agricultural Resource Development of the Third Reich: The Nazi Food Autarky Policy and Eastward Expansion
ADACHI Yoshihiro
The Journal of agricultural History   (48) 40-51   Mar 2014   [Refereed]
Sozial- und Agrargeschichte mecklenburgischer Doerfer 1945-1961. Zur Historisierung der Erfahrungen mit dem Sozialismus
ADACHI Yoshihiro
Mecklenburgische Jahrbuecher   (128) 287-299   2013
The Experience of Ethnic German Farmers around World War II: the Nazi Resettlement Policy in Annexed Polish Areas
ADACHI Yoshihiro
Proceeding of the 12th International Conference of the East-Asia Agricultural History   479-490   May 2012


Farmers and Agricultural Servants in Dithmarschen Holstein in the End of the 19th Century
Annals of Agricultural History   1(1) 47   1987
Agricultural Laborers and Rural Community in Northwestern Germany in the End of the 19th Century. On the Relationship between strange laborers and domestic laborers.
The Journal of Agrarian History   (126) 1   1990
Landarbeiter und Dorfgemeinschaft in der Endphase der Weimarer Republik. Anderer Aspekt in Aufkommen des Nationalsozialismus auf dem Land.
Socio-Economic History   59(2) 60   1993
The World"Gutsdorf"in the Second Half of the Weimarer Era. Agriculturual Workers and Rural Community in the Modern Germany
The Social Sciences Ced. Institute for the Study of Humanities&Social Sciences, Doshisha.   (54) 172   1995
Patermalism and Foreign Workers in German Villages of the Wilhelmine Era
Journal of Historical Studies   (685) 2   1996

Research Grants & Projects

Research on the German Agricultural History in Modern-Age